DOIT Vision Help Shopping Mall with Transparent Led Display

Transparent Led Display

If there is one thing that shopping malls need to attract more customers, it has to be innovative displays. A transparent LED display is one that can easily be fitted behind any window or glass wall to keep it functional whilst displaying an impressive video screen. This modular design creates a smart LED effect that serves as a great way for shopping malls to utilize space and advertise their latest offers. 

What is a Transparent LED Display?

While you may have heard of LCD wall displays in the past, transparent LED displays might be relatively new to you. These new wall displays offer up to 95% transparency since the screen itself is remarkably thin and is highly transparent. 

The unit panel is carefully mounted behind the glass to ensure that it fits well within the thickness of the glass. The best part about using a transparent LED display is that the size of the unit can be personalized to fit the size of the glass, and the transparency of the screen is not affected by this change. 

When used for commercial purposes, the transparent LED displays tends to attract the attention of customers with the striking contrast made between the displayed content and the transparent background. 

While you may think that maintaining such a delicate LED screen would be difficult, DOIT Vision ensures that their transparent LED displays are incredibly easy to initially mount and maintain in the future. 

Transparent LED Displays for Shopping Malls

DOIT Vision’s transparent LED display serves as a significant upgrade from the typical LED screen. Instead of relying on the LED itself, the transparent LED display is created via careful programming of multiple LEDs that join together to display the light needed to form an image. When placed on a glass wall or window, the transparent LED display creates a unique effect. This is especially useful for retail buildings that already have a glass architecture since it makes it much easier to place various, changing advertisements without worrying about the aesthetic of the building. 

Many shopping malls also wish to have large advertisements displayed on their glass walls as shoppers roam around, and these transparent LED displays make that possible. The most unique feature of the transparent LED displays is that they do not block any light, meaning that the shopping mall can remain well-lit whilst advertising some of their biggest brands on the glass walls itself. 

Not only does this innovative product make it easier for shopping malls to advertise, but it also opens up a wide array of creative opportunities. Ads that are made for these transparent LED displays can be optimized to attract shoppers who are already inside the mall, making the entire shopping experience far more personalized for the customers. 

DOIT Vision’s transparent LED displays serve as a practical solution to all of the problems previously faced with LCD video walls. With large screens that are bright and offer transparency, transparent LED displays are likely to become increasingly popular in the world of media and advertisement. 

Why Choose Transparent LED Displays

If you work in the world of promotion and advertisement, you will know that capturing the attention of customers is the top-most priority of every company. To create a strong and meaningful brand image, it would be beneficial to make use of transparent LED displays that portray a product in a unique light on a large glass wall. For commercial areas such as shopping malls or specialty stores, transparent LED displays are becoming the new norm for displaying any meaningful content that you expect customers to remember.

While the new transparent LED displays are based off of the technology employed in traditional LED displays, this new and innovative product truly sets itself apart from all other alternatives in the market. 

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