Molly Elizabeth Brolin: The facts about the daughter of James Brolin

Molly Elizabeth Brolin

Molly Elizabeth Brolin is an art director and producer by profession. She gains more popularity as the daughter of James Brolin and his ex-wife Jan Smithers. There are many films and shows for which Molly has worked as an art director. There are many projects of Molly that earn her appreciation. 

Further, the recent stage play of Molly Brolin at Wild Project theater is a great achievement in her career. As the daughter of the famous actor James, she makes her parents proud. Even though her parents are divorced, she is close with them. Singer Barbra Streisand is the stepmother of Molly, with whom she shares a smooth relationship. There are many more important facts you need to know about Molly Brolin. 

Birth and early life 

Born in the year 1987, Molly Brolin is from Los Angeles, California. Her parents are James Brolin and Jan Smithers. Both the parents belong to a film background as actor-producer, and director James Brolin has several achievements. Also, Jan is a retired actor. 1986 is the year James and Jan got married, and within a year, they gave birth to Molly. 

After pregnancy, Jan took a break from films and started to raise her daughter. As a successful actor, James had several commitments. He had to travel to many places for films. It is a reason for the rift between James and Jan. Due to this gap in their relationship; they decided to get a divorce in 1995. 

While growing up, Molly Brolin did have a close bond with her parents. After Molly did her high school mother, Jan went to India for spirituality. Also, Jan thought to relieve herself from the stress and took Molly with her to the countryside for peace. At the same time, Moll did her education at ‘Berkley College of Music in Boston. 

Work and career 

When it comes to career and work, Molly is successful as a producer. In 2011 her short film was released, which is ‘Royal Reunion’. In the same year, she did as a production assistant for the action-adventure movie ‘Men in Black 3’. Further, she works as the assistant producer of TV documentaries. In 2013, she entered the stage production project to extend her work. Soon after all these achievements, Molly collaborated with her Berkley mate on a new project. 

Her friends inspired her for a new stage play. Her friend’s unique idea helped Molly engage in an extraordinary project. The result of this project is ‘Smile Swamp Princess’. There are new actors in this stage play: Megan Lui and the Niece of Molly Eden Brolin. 

2018 was a great year for Molly Brolin as she did new projects. As the art director, she took care of all the property and costumes. This rock play is a success. Also, it was released in the New York east village theater. Also, Molly got the chance to work with the Hallmark Channel. Her father did act in a movie, and also he worked as a director for the film. 

Dating details and Molly Elizabeth Brolin net worth 

Molly stays away from it when it comes to the media and the spotlight. She is a private person who is seen at very few events. Also, she is leading a single happy life and not dating anyone currently. Belonging from a family that has a close connection with films 

Molly Brolin achieves success through her hard work. She uses her family legacy well to establish herself as an art assistant and director. The net worth of Molly is expected to be high. Her father, James Brolin, owns a net worth of 60 Million dollars.