Best Bridesmaid Gifts for a Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Your big day is approaching and you realize: you haven’t planned out bridesmaid gifts. After all the parties, late night calls, and emotional meltdowns, the girls in your life should have something to show your appreciation and to remember this time together. However, you don’t have to break the bank to get something they’ll actually use. In fact, some of the smaller, easier gifts will be more useful on the big day and beyond.

Customized Robes

From floral prints to basic ivory, robes are becoming a popular bridesmaid gift. They give a great photo op while everyone is getting ready and they’re useful after the occasion. Much like towels, you really can’t have too many robes. The most popular options come in silk or silk-like material, but there are softer options such as the more traditional plush robe.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewellery can be personalized with names, or it can be a simple statement necklace with a meaningful adornment. For rustic weddings, the options are endless. From copper leaves on a long chain necklace to a small bracelet with a personalized message on a tag, the jewellery should match the personality of the bride and her relationship with each bridesmaid. Some pieces can have individual messages so each person gets their own unique message while still being part of the bridal party.

Matching Shirts

Southern Couture Shirts can set the group apart while keeping the style simple enough to wear later on. The shirts are to match the group mentality with tons of options in wording and images. They can also be a lot of fun for the bachelorette party if the bride was hoping to give more than one gift or to gift the girls before the big day.


There are many ways to customize a hanger. Adding sequins, adding their name in the wire, adding handcrafted tags, or burning names into the wood are only a few examples of how some brides have made hangers for the day of the wedding. The hangers also provide another great opportunity for photographs. Having a commemorative photo of the hangers lined up with each person’s name and the matching bridesmaid dresses can make a great memento for everyone in the bridal party.

Commemorative Tote Bags

Tote bags with everyone’s names or the date of the wedding can be an affordable, simple way to say thanks. The totes can be made with higher or lower quality materials to fit your budget. Even the cheaper options don’t look cheap and some are better suited for beach days than the more expensive ones. Depending on the vibe of the wedding and the personality of the bride and her friends, the right tote bag can be customized to fit those needs.

Makeup Bags

Whether they use them on the day of the wedding to get ready or use them after to remember the great time they spent with the bride every day, makeup bags are a hit. They have multiple functions and every woman needs another makeup bag. There are options to buy them customized for each person or they can be chosen in different colours to fit the personality of each woman.

Travel Mugs

No one can have enough travel mugs. Depending on the store you choose, travel mugs can be relatively inexpensive even when customized. The bride can also rest assured that the girls will definitely get used out of this gift. Some options include customization on travel mugs that keep liquids warm or cold during travel.

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