5 Contouring Tricks to Get Your Perfect Look

5 Contouring Tricks to Get Your Perfect Look

In the makeup and beauty world, contouring is a popular application technique that allows you to create certain structures and shapes. This could be to accentuate existing features, mask others, or even create a whole new face shape, as popular with makeup artists cosplaying or trying different techniques. 

Contouring is a great way to define your face in the way you’d like as part of your normal makeup routine. 

If you are a makeup artist or even not, you must know about contour makeup as it helps to enhance the look. Contour makeup will help to achieve cut and crease look.

What Do You Need for Contouring?

There are many ready-made contouring kits on the market that will include everything you need, but generally, you will need a dark contouring product and a lighter product for contrast, such as a highlighter. While it’s best to get specific contouring products, you can also accomplish the definition you need using darker foundations, for example, instead of a dark contouring stick. 

5 Contouring Tricks to Get Your Perfect Look 

Contouring doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and with these easy tricks, you’ll have it down in no time. 

  • Take Care of Your Skin 

First things first: contouring and definition is much easier when you have a smooth foundation to work with, so the more you care for your skin, the better. Be sure to keep your skin moisturized, tackle any blemishes that could cause bumps or different shaping, such as spots, and try to keep your face toned. You can use devices like from mynuface.com to help keep on top of lines and wrinkles around your lips and eyes, and face exercises can also help to keep muscles toned. 

  • Know Your Face Shape 

Contouring is best achieved when matched with your face shape, as different face shapes will have areas that need particular focus. Get acquainted with your face shape before beginning any contouring techniques. 

  • Prep Your Skin 

Contouring shouldn’t be applied to bare skin. Begin your beauty routine with your usual steps, such as a primer and foundation and any coverup products for blemishes. Your contouring products should then be applied after you have the base you need with your foundation before you apply any powder or other products. 

  • Use Dark Tones for Definition and Highlights for Luminescence

Choose the areas you wish to define and use the dark contouring product for this. This could be along the jawline, across the cheekbones, or along the temples, depending on your face shape and preferences. Highlighter should then be used in a complementary way to put fresh focus on areas such as cheeks, forehead, the tip of nose, and under the eyes. It’s important to remember that your dark contouring product is what’s most important for creating the lines you want. 

  • Blend Properly 

Blending is key for contouring, and you don’t want to apply so much pressure that it eliminates the product you have applied. Careful and soft blending with small back and forth or patting motions will help to blend the dark and light products into the skin without overlapping. 

Once your blending looks natural, you can set it with your chosen powder and apply the rest of your makeup

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