Hiring Freelance Video Producers vs. Professional Studios – The Pros and Cons

Freelance Video Producers

Despite the purpose and type, video production is a complex process and requires highly skilled hands to be appropriately managed. So, where some like to pass on this task to independent freelance video producers, others deliberately tend to rely upon professional studios. 

And we must say, it’s quite a complicated bet to make, with many companies split in the decision for various reasons, based on their experiences with both parties. 

But the question is, what are the different aspects that make this choice so complex? And who should you hire for the job when the need for video production (or custom explainer video) arrives? To answer this, let’s examine the pros and cons of both options in this helpful article.

Here, we will try to make your decision much easier by opening your mind to a broader perspective. 

So let’s start, shall we?

Who are freelance video producers and professional studios?

A freelance video producer is an independent individual who takes up your video project and completes it. Depending on the scale of the project, either he will do it by himself (primarily animation) or have a team looking up different aspects of the provided brief.

It includes development, planning, execution, marketing, and everything else. Moreover, In freelance production, every team member (if required) works as an independent worker. 

On the other hand, professional animation studios are more like corporate sector of video production. They operate in a highly organized system. There are equipped with permanent and experienced team members dedicated to each task involved and exhibit high expertise in the specified work area. This is a kind of reliability that medium and large enterprises usually prefer.

The Pros and Cons of hiring freelancers and studios:

A blind choice is not a great option to go with. But making a confusing choice is even worse. Therefore, having a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages will make your choice less tormenting. 

So take a pen and copy, start taking notes. When we are done comparing, evaluate the information and see which one suits you best! 

Hiring a freelance producer

The Pros

  • Fits in the budget

When you hire a freelancer, you deal with an individual instead of a company. So there’s a good chance that the project will be executed at a comparatively low cost that will easily fit in your budget. And if your approach is persuasive enough, you can also lower it down through negotiations. Anyways, even the most expensive freelance producer will cost you less than the cheapest professional studio. 

  • Controls the whole project single-handedly

A freelance producer is usually the “jack of all trades,” which means they will look over every part of the project, from pre-production to social media marketing and everything in between. 

Although this comes at an advantage, for one person to gain expertise in every single part of the process is quite challenging. So you’ll have to dig a lot deeper to find someone capable. Once you do, the work will go as smoothly as you can imagine. 

  • Quick work

Freelancers take one project at a time. So the level of focus and commitment is immaculate. If handled by the right freelance video producer, you will get excellent results in a comparatively shorter period. However, that’s only if the hired freelancer has good knowledge of your industry and targeted audience.

  • Personalized client treatment

Customer satisfaction is the sole driver of any business, freelance or corporate. A freelance producer acknowledges this well and will ensure that you have close involvement throughout the project. So just in case, something doesn’t click, you can demand to make changes right at the moment.

  • Access to diverse talents, innovative ideas

Ok, this point might sound a bit quirky, but a freelance business is characterized by many connections. Not only do you get the opportunity to listen to some “out of the box” ideas that can benefit your business, but you also have someone who can flawlessly execute them. 

For example, suppose you hire a video producer. In that case, there’s a good chance that he’ll have links with an expert animator. So when the need arrives, you know who to call! 

The cons

  • It is harder to find the right fit.

Well, we can’t deny that one of the main perks of freelancing is unlimited freedom. But where it’s suitable for the freelancers themself, it can be one of the biggest problems for you. As most freelancer producers consistently make videos for one industry, you will have difficulty finding the one that corroborates yours. And even if that happens, there’s a chance of conflict between ideas. Freelancers mostly prefer creative freedom.

  • Uncertainty in results

Hiring a freelancer is more like online dating…you see the person, judge the profile, study the portfolio, and slide into the inbox. The discussion goes well, and you set the demands clear. Shortly afterward, the freelancer starts working, leaving you with high expectations. But that’s until you see the final product and discover that you have wasted a lot of money and time. Moral of the story? Always check the background, previous work history, and legit client reviews before handing the responsibility. 

Hiring a professional studio

The pros 

  • Best project management

There’s a remote working environment in professional studios. Based on their expertise, each team member is assigned a specific part of the project, like graphics, audio, image quality, and even marketing. 

This ensures attention to detail and an excellent outcome that brightens up the chances of a successful video campaign. Project management is highly organized, and also, the results are excellent and relatively fast.

  • Access to state of the art equipment

Well, if you have watched master chef, you must be familiar with the quote, “A dish is as good as its ingredients.“ It turns out the statement doesn’t just apply to cooking. It’s true for almost everything, with video production being no exception. By hiring a studio, you are sure that your project is handled with industry-standard equipment, increasing the chances of getting premium quality content.

  • Good customer service

A video production studio or company is a full-fledged corporation that must keep up with the competition to maintain its image. So providing good customer service is crucial for it to remain competitive. When you approach a professional studio, getting a good service is a no-brainer!  

  • Maximum exposure

It’s undeniable that a high-quality video is of no use if not backed up by a strong marketing campaign. Unfortunately, that’s not something a freelancer can guarantee in most cases. But by hiring a professional organization, your content quality will be as good as the content exposure. Many influencers and viewers follow renowned studios, which provides you with a powerful platform to showcase your brand name. 

  • Personalized content creation

Professional studios have a highly experienced team with a versatile approach to different projects. Thus, they are fully aware of the industry standards and provide content that appeals to your targeted audience. From a marketing perspective, this is one of the most significant advantages of hiring a professional studio. They know their work and will ensure that it catches up with your expectations.

The cons

  • High costs

With great results comes enormous costs. Not long ago, we discussed how awesome it is when a whole team of experts controls each aspect of the video production. But let’s not ignore that each of them demands a fair share in payments, costing you more than the highest charging freelancer. It’s one of the primary reasons why professional studios aren’t for everyone. Although they guarantee proven results, they also need you to be very generous. 

  • Takes time

Professional video production studios are frequently bombarded by new projects hence they might need longer time to complete your project. Which means they might place your order in a queue. And you’ll have to wait for at least a few weeks to get the final, polished product. There are only a few editors. Even if the video is shot (or animated), it’ll take time to convert it into a good piece. In other words, it’s you who must adjust to their timetables :). 


Professional studios are a more viable option if you want to go risk-free. They provide (generally) better quality, better project management skills, and have great expertise to comply with your needs and requirements. 

Additionally, their previous experience in your respective industry gives them more insights into what suits your targeted audience better.  The results are even better if you choose a reputed name in the business

But they are more costly to hire, and that’s something where freelance producers take a slight edge. Nevertheless, it all comes down to your resources and preferences. If you are on a tight budget, hiring an experienced freelancer is worth risking the money. 

However, if your resources allow you to hire a professional studio, there’s nothing you would regret. Just make sure to set your requirements clear, and leave the rest to them ;).