Know About Bobby Lee’s Girlfriend Khayla Kuhn

Bobby Lee Girlfriend Khayla Kuhn

A lot of you may not know about Bobby Lee girlfriend Khayla Khun. So, she’s an American social media star. In fact, it’s also worth noting that she’s famous as the co-host of the TigerBelly podcast alongside her husband Bobby Lee. Bobby Lee or Robert Young Lee Jr is also an American comedian who has achieved lots of fame himself.

Khayla Kuhn, Bobby Lee girlfriend is one of the internet personalities who has found herself in the mud of controversies. In other words, she likes to make obscure and ambiguous statements on social media pages. For instance, she even called her husband her first lesbian boyfriend. In addition, she has also made it clear on social media that she loves money and doesn’t like monogamy.

So, if you want to know more about her life, then it’s time to go through this article and find everything you need to know about Khayla Kuhn. Here we will share some riveting facts about life, career, relationship with Bobby, and much more.

A Short Bio On Bobby Lee girlfriend Khayla Kuhn

So, Bobby Lee girlfriend Khayla Kuhn was born in the year 1984 in the US. However, the exact date and place of her birth are not available as of now. But we know that she holds American citizenship. Furthermore, she belongs to white ethnic background.

It’s worth noting that Khayla had a rough childhood. Her mother raised her singlehandedly. However, she hasn’t mentioned in detail her early years to the media. But due to the rough patch in the early years, she started catering for herself at the age of 17.

Coming to her educational background, well, she is a biochemistry graduate. In fact, Bobby Lee girlfriend Khayla has also worked as a private teacher. In addition, she has also worked as a waitress in a beach bar near her house. However, it’s true that she gained prominence only after getting together with Bobby Lee.

Her Family Background

Khayla Kuhn hasn’t shared many details about her family and that’s why it’s difficult to know. However, we know that her mother raised her alone. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that she has a sister whose name is Julianna. If you want to know about her father, then it’s a mystery.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Khayla is of Egyptian Filippo descent. Her father has Egyptian ancestry while her mother is of Filipino origin.

Her Relationship With Bobby Lee

You may like to know that the duo met via the Chatting app Tinder. So, after chatting on a number of occasions, they finally met and it was an instant success. They started to date shortly after. In fact, the duo even decided to escalate their relationship in 2016, in August at NYC Church.

Career Of Khayla Kuhn

She’s a social media star and has Instagram followers of around 113k. In fact, she also has 15k followers on Twitter. Furthermore, she has also hosted the TigerBelly podcast with Bobby Lee. So, that Podcast covered lots of topics like pop culture, showbiz, racism, entertainment, sexuality, etc.

Khayla Kuhn Net Worth

According to the sources, we can tell that Khayla Kuhn or Bobby Lee girlfriend has a net worth of around 1 million USD. The main source of her income is probably her social media fame and also the podcast.