How to Make Your Mac Last as Long as Possible

How to Make Your Mac Last as Long
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No matter how robust and reliable Mac is compared to other laptops, a machine is just a machine, and accidents can still happen. To avoid any unfavorable situations and keep your data and operating system secure, it’s important to create a backup.

For this purpose, Mac comes with a powerful built-in tool called Time Machine that enables you to back up your data to external storage devices. Apart from that, Time Machine allows you to create recoverable replicas of your Mac. If it crashes or fails to load, you can use these copies to restore your Mac to an earlier functional setting or its initial state.Time Machine may occasionally encounter issues while preparing backups, particularly when dealing with large amounts of data or when creating a backup for the first time. While it may sound scary, fixing a stuck Time Machine tool is fairly straightforward. For guidance on resolving a Time Machine backup that’s stuck, refer to the following link: 

To help you get the most out of your investment, we’ve put up a list of advice and instructions on taking care of your Mac. So let’s discover how to make your Mac last longer and remain in tip-top condition. So, without any further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

Optimize Battery Usage

Your Mac’s longevity is heavily influenced by how you use its battery. If you’re unaware of how to optimize your battery usage, chances are that your Mac’s battery would only last for two to three years. 

People who usually complain of a shorter battery lifespan make the following common mistakes:

  • Keeping Mac connected to power outlet constantly. 
  • Using laptops with a battery below 20%. This will put more stress on the battery, causing damage. 
  • Frequently charging the battery beyond 80%. It will cause your battery to drain faster.
  • Frequently using resource-intensive applications. In contrast, using lighter applications will minimize battery drainage and keep it functioning optimally. 

To keep your battery performing at its best, we recommend keeping it between 20-80% charging during use. Unplug your charger as soon as it reaches 80% and plug it back in when it drops to 20%. 

Another way to maximize your battery time is to adjust your screen brightness to the lowest level and keep your battery saver on once it goes below 30%. Moreover, use resource-intensive apps only when needed and avoid keeping them running at the back when not in use. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your battery lasts for years to come, and so does your Mac.  

Maintain and Update Your Mac Regularly

Regular maintenance and updates are key to keeping your Mac running smoothly and performing at its best. Regular maintenance is not just about clearing unwanted files, caches, and histories, but it also includes removing any unwanted apps taking up extra space or resource-intensive apps that you may not need.

Mac software updates are essential for keeping your machine secure and running optimally. These updates include improvements in your machine’s operating system and the latest security mechanisms to keep your Mac secure from cybersecurity threats and malicious software. 

Checking for the latest updates regularly and installing them without delay guarantees that your Mac is secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally. o ensure that you never miss a software update, remember to set your Mac to automatically check for updates and install them immediately.

Avoid Heating Up

When running heavy programs or applications, your Mac can heat up, deteriorating its hardware and memory. Remember that overheating might slow down or even cause your Mac to crash.

Utilizing a cooling pad or stand is one technique to keep your Mac cool. These gadgets can assist in enhancing airflow around your Mac and avoiding overheating. A good thing about these devices is that you can use an application like Mac Fan Control to keep track of your Mac’s temperature and modify its fan speed accordingly.

It’s also crucial to keep your Mac away from soft surfaces like your bed or couch. These items can obstruct your Mac’s vents and lead to overheating. Use a hard and flat table or desk with a built-in cooling fan to use your Mac on soft surfaces.

Use a Case or Sleeve to Protect Your Mac

Another effective way to keep your Mac performing optimally and extend its lifespan is using a case or sleeve to protect your Mac. These carefully-designed protectors can keep your Mac safe from scratches, bumps, and damage to the exterior surfaces. On top of that, sleeves and cases can protect your Mac from any dust, dirt, or spills that can enter the casing and harm delicate circuitries. 

Many different styles and sizes of sleeves and cases are available in the market. Before choosing a case or sleeve, ensure it’s the right size for your Mac and made for your exact model. We recommend choosing well-known brands like Incase and Speck over locally-made non-branded ones.

Shut Your Idle Mac Down 

Your computer does not switch off when it is in standby or sleep mode. Rather, it keeps the CPU running at the back with all of the opened apps and even hidden apps running in the background. Since apps frequently run in the background, your laptop may not shift to reduced power mode, which can wreak havoc on your Mac’s battery and its overall lifespan in the long run.

To make your Mac last longer, we recommend shutting it down as soon as you’re done with your work or before going to bed, even if you use it nonstop from dawn to night. It provides your machine with a much-needed break and increases its life.

Wrapping Up

Your Mac is a valuable investment, so taking care of it is important. With the above tips and instructions, you can keep your Mac protected from physical damage, overheating, performing lagging, and security issues. 

When your Mac is updated and performing optimally, it can remain reliable and efficient for years. Keep your Mac away from extreme temperatures and avoid downloading files or applications from untrusted sources to keep it safe from cyberattacks and data breaches.

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