What is Cum Laude? What is the highest Cum Laude honor?

Cum Laude

Do you know Cum laude? It is an honor offered to students in the academic field for their achievements. Cum laude is a Latin word that means ‘with praise’ or ‘with honor’. Many educational institutions use this phrase to represent an academic degree for a student with honourable excellence in their work. It is a mark of great distinction that is bestowed on the student who completed their education in a particular field. 

The other two types of Cum Laude are Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude. Each of the Latin honors is used to offer specific distinctions. Want to know about the different Cum laude? Know about it in this article. 

What is the history of Cum Laude? 

The meaning of Cum Laude is ‘with praise’. Many academic institutions use this Latin word to honor and award their students. They get recognition for their academic excellence and hard work on graduation day. This Latin based system is most often used in the USA but also the countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and Canada. The designation also appears in the student’s diploma certificates. 

According to several sources the term Latin honors is in use since 1872. The tradition of using it began at Harvard University. The phrase is from Latin so it was likely used in German universities like Heidelberg. As there are many English words borrowed from Latin, the Cum laude is also one such word. 

What is Magnum Cum Laude? 

The Magnum Cum Laude is a great honor given to students passing graduation with great distinction. The meaning of the word is also the same as Magnum means great. It is bestowed on the student with excellent marks and for those who are top of their class. It is certainly a proud achievement to pass with Magnum Latin honors. But it is not more than Summa Laude. 

What is Summa Cum Laude?

Summa Cum Laude is the highest distinction offered to the academic achiever of an educational institution. The student should have earned good grades within their university or school to qualify for that honor. So educational institutions only bestow this honor to the handful of students who deserve it. 

What basis honors are bestowed? 

The Latin honors, Magna Cum Laude are the honors that show how well a student did in their school or university. 

The criteria for bestowing the degree can differ depending on the educational institution. But these are offered for similar reasons. They are offered as a badge of excellence to select students who got good grades throughout their academic years. It is one of the most important degrees in the American education system. 

Some schools confer the honor based on the class rank of the students. For instance, the top 5% of the students may receive the Suma Cum Laude while they may bestow Magna Cum Laude and the Latin honors to the rest of the students. 

But in other educational institutions, the Latin honors are based on the GPA. Some may even have to take part in special courses and finish them to get the highest honor from their universities. 

Why Cum Laude matter? 

Getting good honors from schools and universities is important because they may help you get the best jobs. If you are looking for jobs in the financial, engineering or management consultant fields then your educational background plays a huge role. It can recommend you and impress the hiring managers to consider you for the job. Further Latin honors graduation is a great requirement that employers may value as good grades is a proof of good knowledge of the subjects. 

For fields like medicine and law, the Magna Cum Laude is necessary and also Suma Cum laude. These show that you are a top graduate and you can also become an intern at top management after your education. Therefore if you want to get your first best job excel at your studies. After that, you can improve your skills with your job experience and hard work. 

How to graduate Cum Laude? 

You can maintain a high GPA to fulfil the Latin honors requirements in your educational journey. Try to attend all of your classes and do extensive reading. There are also other great tips to graduate Cum Laude. 

  • Choose the right courses. Only when you study the course you like, you will be able to excel at it. 
  • Learn to be organized and don’t procrastinate. Finish the studies and assignments at the right time. Buy a planner and follow it. 
  • Have a good study environment. Make sure it is quiet and peaceful without any disturbances. 
  • Prioritize your studies and socialize only during your free time. 
  • Keep up your GPA by attending all classes, taking handwritten notes, clarifying your doubts and more. 

Final thoughts 

Cum Laude is a great achievement and if you aim for the highest Latin honors you can get the best job. 

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