What Can Magento SEO Do For Your Magento eCommerce Store

Magento SEO

Magento is a powerful resource that online merchants can leverage to their immense advantage to sell their goods and services online. Whether you’ve taken only a facet of your business to the online market or operate solely in the digital sphere, Magento can make it easy for you to sell a wide range of goods fairly easily while allowing great scalability and the ability to receive payment through many gateways. These are only a few of the benefits that Magento can offer merchants on the internet. What’s important here is not that you understand what Magento can offer you. You probably already understand that. What’s important is that you use the tools at your disposal for Magento SEO so that you can really get the most out of the platform and guarantee the highest levels of success for your business.

The importance of SEO is not just critical to the success of a venture that uses Magento as its platform, so in many ways, it’s not just Magento SEO that’s significant but SEO in general. Regardless, if you use Magento to build your online store, then Magento SEO should be of great importance to you.

That being the case, as great of a platform as Magento is to its customers and as much success as it can offer, if you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of SEO practices then you just can’t be making the most out of the platform.

For a moment let’s consider that your Magento website offers original content on the product pages, including a unique product image for each listing, along with valuable content in the blog and throughout the site that customers can use to make informed purchases. Let’s say that generally, your website offers decent, or better, user experiences.

If that eCommerce website offers all of these things, but customers can’t find it, or there is another problem such as that the site has slow page speeds or the page title tags are not optimized, you’re missing out on opportunities. Without a truly SEO friendly website, you’re going to be leaving potential behind.

In the first respect, if potential customers can’t even find your page because it doesn’t rank for a certain relevant keyword or even a subset of important ones, then how will they be able to purchase your products? Spoiler alert – they won’t be able to.

So you can see, SEO friendly doesn’t just mean one or two things. It’s a whole range of areas that need to be individually addressed to ensure high visibility and great user experience. In one respect, if your site is invisible to potential clients they won’t become clients because they won’t be able to find your website. The other portion of that has to do with user experience. If your page isn’t optimized for load time, for example, the damage that could do to user experience could be pointed enough to adversely impact your conversion rates.

Taking all of these considerations in sum, it’s well worth your while as an eCommerce entrepreneur to optimize your eCommerce platform (whether or not it’s Magento). If you’re ready to take the plunge and embark on a mission of search engine optimization, then working with a partner like Genius eCommerce by 1Digital Agency can help you by leaps and bounds. With almost a decade of experience under their belts, the specialists at Genius eCommerce by 1Digital Agency have been helping online businesses optimize their digital presence to reap the benefits of higher organic traffic and increased conversion rates. Take a look at their website at GeniusEcommerce.com to get a little more information about the ways in which they can help you take the success of your online business to the next level.