Create an Attractive Instagram Profile to Draws People Attention

Instagram Profile
Create an Attractive Instagram profile

An Instagram profile page is something that tells everything about the personality of the account holder. An influential profile on Instagram shows you as a brand and urges people to follow, connect, and engage with you. 

We are sure you must have noticed some attractive Instagram profiles that drive you to follow them. Right? 

That is because they have their first impressions laid right upon you, with the help of tips & tricks to make an attractive Instagram profile. 

Apart from checking and spying on some public accounts, you can also check out some private accounts. Wondering how? 

We are here to tell you the same and introduce you to the tools that will assist you in viewing some private funds without acknowledging the person. 

These tools are Instalooker and IGLookup, which is 100% safe and secure to use. It shows you the content of a private profile on Instagram within a couple of minutes. 

And you get ideas to create an attractive Instagram profile that may leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s minds and urges them to follow you. 

Then you have landed in the right place, dear friend, as here we will be giving you some tips & tricks. 

With the help of which, you can outshine your profiles than others in the crowd. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this article.

Factors to be considered while creating an Instagram profile 

Instagram is a go-to platform used by a million for sharing their photos-videos and other cool stuff. 

As an influencer or a brand, the main motive is to increase the follower base. It can only do it by creating an eye-catching profile on Instagram. 

Some factors that you should consider while creating an Instagram profile are –

  • First things first, switch to a business account on Instagram. The reason behind this is that it engages more and more people to visit your profile. It also provides users with valuable business insights and access to view follower demographics. A business account also allows access to add contact information such as; e-mail & phone for people interested in collaboration. 
  • Decide the niche or the motive of your Instagram profile. You should have a clear prospect in mind about what will your account reflect or what will you offer to your followers and visitors. And according to the niche, you should choose the aesthetics and theme of your account. 
  • The bio written at the beginning of the profile should be creative & attractive enough to grab people’s attention. The bio should include a description, category, niche of content posted on the account, the brand’s personality, contact information, and a link. Also, the profile picture added must be decent and can also contain a logo or a mascot.
  • Choose the best attractive visuals for your Instagram profile. These visuals are essential as they give a visually appealing look to the account, make your feed an interesting one, and urge people to follow your account. There are various ways in which you can make an extraordinarily engaging and beautiful. 
  • Suppose you want to engage well with your followers after creating an Instagram profile. In that case, you should follow a pre-determined and well-planned posting schedule. Set up content pillars to help you decide what type of content to post and when. Take full advantage of the Instagram algorithm that shows the activity timeline of people and guides you to post at that particular time to engage more and more people. 
  • Another critical aspect of creating your Instagram profile attractive and eye-ball grabbing worthy is the proper use of hashtags, camera settings, and different types of content. Leveraging hashtags in the posts on your profile on Instagram is the best way to attract new followers. Also, for clicking pictures for the posts, you should use the best quality camera, proper light, and aesthetic background set-up to make them visually appealing. You can also try using other Instagram features such as reels, stories, IGTV, and live sessions for connecting well with your audiences.

How to Create an Attractive Instagram profile?

If you want to have a successful and attractive Instagram profile that can gain a significant no. of followers, follow the below-mentioned points that you should keep in mind to make your profile on Instagram an attractive one –

Profile Picture

Put up a simple profile picture in your Instagram account. If you are a brand or a business firm, you can put the image of the logo or the mascot. 

But if you are a solopreneur or an influencer, put a well-lit & well-clicked photo of yourself. 

Eye-Catchy Username

That bold text you see at the top of the bio is the username. Anyone who wants to search you will type your username in the search bar. 

So, keep an exciting and straightforward username that reflects you or your business.

A Perfect Instagram Bio

A perfect bio for an Instagram profile should be attractive. It should be such that your audience gets a clear view of who you are and what your profile is about. 

It needs to be clear for the people what your account has to offer so they can decide whether to follow you or not. The word limit for an Instagram bio is 150 words with emojis included.

So, write a concise and to-the-point bio.

Inserting a clickable Link

If you are uploading your bio on your profile on Instagram without a link, then you are probably wasting an opportunity. 

You can paste the link of your website or a youtube channel if you are a content creator, or you can even paste the links of your other social media handles such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. 

This impresses the users and drivers them to click the link to check out more.

Focus on Content

Another important point for creating an attractive Instagram profile is to produce exciting content. Suppose your content is not compelling and fails to impress the viewers and followers. 

In that case, the purpose of your Instagram will not be a success. You need to plan your content well in advance, stick to your niche mentioned in the bio, and post regularly. 

You can also use tools and software such as; Preview, Planoy, UNUM, Visual Instagram Planner, and more to help you add that extra wow factor to your profiles and make them look attractive.

Proper use of Hashtags

Adding a hashtag in your posts is the easiest way to get exposure. Do not put unnecessary and out-of-the-way hashtags; instead, do proper in-depth research about trending hashtags.

Try to incorporate at least thirty of them to maximize the chances of the potential growth of your Instagram profile and engagement of your followers. 

So, you can follow the above points for creating an attractive Instagram profile.

Final Thoughts

In the above article, we believe that we have provided you with the best possible insight and information about creating an attractive Instagram profile.

Suppose you follow the above-listed tips about Instagram profile picture, bio, hashtags, content, link, etc. 

In that case, we guarantee you that your Instagram account will be a successful one. You will be able to outshine other profiles on Instagram. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Go, and revamp your profile by keeping the points mentioned above in mind.   

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