Cote de Pablo – All About Her Career During And After NCIS

Cote de Pablo
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Cote de Pablo is a name that is very well-known in the entertainment industry. In fact, she needs no introduction. However, for those who do not know, let me inform you that de Pablo is an American-Chilean actress. We know her as the host of ‘Control’, which is a talk show in Latin America. However, there is one particular work of Pablo, which has made her hugely popular across the globe. It is the ‘NCIS’. For those who do not know, ‘NCIS’ is a CBS television series. This series was originally released in September 2003 and then went on to run for 20 seasons or 444 episodes. 

In this series, Pablo portrayed the role of Ziva David. She portrayed this character for 8 consecutive seasons. In fact, people absolutely loved to see her in the role. However, just a few days before the commencement of the filming of Season 11, she left the series. The fans were visibly upset with this. However, had something to be happy about in 2016. A report suggested that she had agreed to work in a Syfy thriller. However, the thriller was passed on. Therefore, if you wish to know about de Pablo’s recent updates, this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about Pablo’s recent whereabouts. 

Cote de Pablo NCIS

Cote de Pablo NCIS
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We already know that the character that the fans loved the most in NCIS, was Ziva David. In fact, Pablo portrayed the character in such a great manner for 8 seasons, that she almost became a trademark cast of the series. However, this dream journey ended only a few months before the filming of Season 11 started. Pablo decided to walk out of the cast. There was a varied reaction among fans and audiences about her exit. Even some of her co-stars were also shocked at this move. 

Later in 2016, Pablo revealed that the reason behind her walkout was the fact that she felt that Ziva is not getting her deserved respect. She confirmed that due to a lack of a proper script and some political issues, she decided to step aside. Pablo also added that she has spent much time in bring Ziva to life. Therefore, when she felt that the character was not getting enough respect, it was too much for her bear.

However, she marked a surprise return to the show in the final scene of Season 16. In addition, the producers also confirmed that de Pablo would appear in the first two episodes of the show’s 17th season and then in the season’s tenth and eleventh episodes as part of her storyline.

After NCIS

After de Pablo quit NCIS, she did not leave acting altogether. She marked her return with the film  ‘The 33’. After that, she also appeared in a CBS miniseries named The Dovekeepers, in 2015. However, after that Syfy passed on the tv series named Prototype, which was supposed to mark Pablo’s return to the tv series. After that, she worked in Seneca. Later she announced that Pablo and her former NCIS castmate Michael Weatherly would be the executive producers of the upcoming CBS detective drama MIA

Cote de Pablo Nude

Cote de Pablo Nude

We do not have any information about this till now. 

Cote de Pablo Now

As of now, de Pablo is working hard on the second schedule of MIA. The place of the second schedule is near Atlanta. That is all that we know about the recent news of Pablo.


1. What is Cote de Pablo doing now 2021?

In 2021, de Pablo was planning for the schedules of MIA.

2. Why did Cote de Pablo leave NCIS?

Cote de Pablo left NCIS as she felt that her character was not getting the deserved respect.

3. What is Cote de Pablo doing now?

As of now, de Pablo is working hard on the second schedule of MIA. The place of the second schedule is near Atlanta. 

4. Who is Cote de Pablo married to?

As of now, she is unmarried.

5. How old is Cote de Pablo?

As of 2022, the age of de Pablo is 43 years.

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