All The Things You Need To Know About Married At First Sight Season 11

Married At First Sight Season 11
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Married at First Sight season 11 has been a very hot topic of discussion lately. Besides, it gives you all the gossip and provides you with your regular dose of entertainment. Firstly, Married at First Sight is an American reality television series. Secondly, it was aired on July 8, 2014, on FYI and later on Lifetime.

Secondly, this series is based on a Danish series whose title is Gift Ved Første Blik. Thirdly, the first time it aired was on 4th September, 2013, on DR3. The original Danish series format was sold to broadcasters throughout the world quite early. 

Let us talk about Married at first sight season 11 with you in detail. If you are interested, then read the article till the end.

Quick recap to season 1

Quick recap to season 1
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Season 1 of Married At First Sight aired in 2014. Firstly, the series is currently already in the middle of season 14 just eight years after. However, the decision day for the 14th season are looming. Besides, fans are discussing the futures of the five couples from this season a lot.

So many seasons have aired, in between season one and fourteen. Secondly, netizens are still wondering who ended up together and who got seperated from Season 11 married at first sight. Season 11 concluded around two years ago, and it gave the Louisiana-based couples plenty of time to see if their marriages will be happy or not. Till this day, some of the couples are still people’s favourites while some have gone in their respective path. 

Season one which aired in 2014, was a matchmaking show that brought five couples together every season. However, there is a catch here. The first time these people meet each other as partners, they have to exchange vows. In each season these people get together as couples and spend a lovely honeymoon together. 

Season 11 Married at First Sight began with five men and women who were ready for marriage from April to October 2020

Cast in season 11

Cast in season 11
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Let us have a look at the Married at first sight season 11 cast. They are Bennet Kirschner, Amelia Fatsi, Brett Lindsey, Olivia Cornu and Henry Rodriguez. Furthermore, Christina Croce, Woody Randall, Amani Smith, Miles Williams, and Karen Landry. All of them said that they were looking for their soulmate and participated in the game of the unknown. After two years now, all the fans are wondering, Married at first sight season 11 who are still together? 

Current status of the couples of season 11

couples of season 11
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Bennet Kirschner became a pair with Amelia Fatsi for season 11 of this show. In Fact,both of them had a great chemistry together. On the decision day they both decided that they will remain married.  Unfortunately, Amelia and Bennet divorced a year later in private. 

Although divorce notice is not shown publicly or both of them have not given an official statement, the divorce did happen. However, both of them agreed mutually and they are still friends today.  Amelia and Bennet are still friendly. Since the split last October, Amelia has met someone new. Currently she is dating Alexander Bayer, a yoga coach. 

Brett Lindsey and Olivia Cornu were not a very strong couple right from the beginning. In addition, we could see that they had communication gaps and trust issues right from the start. In the end, both of them decided to get a divorce and Brett dedicated his focus on delicious food and cats. Olivia too gives all her attention to mental peace today. Firstly, she is a nurse practitioner. Secondly, a dog and cat mom. Thirdly, a runner. Fourthly, she just started a true-crime podcast called Check the Locks along with her friend John Conner.

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What about the other couples?

Married at first sight cast season 11 had other cast members as well. 

On decision day, Henry Rodriguez and Christina Croce decided that they wanted to end their marriage. Although they loved one another, it was best that they seperate paths.  The two of them however, were very gentle, courteous and polite with each other. They wished each other all the best and moved on in their lives.

Amani and Woody Randall is another couple who is a fan favourite. Firstly, because everyone could see from the start that they were infatuated with each other. Therefore, it was not a great surprise when they decided to go through with their marriage. Secondly, the love birds often share pictures on social media. Lastly, a few days back the duo shared pictures on their social media of their first child, a son named Reign.

Apart from Amani and Randall, Karen and Miles Williams are another couple to make it through. In Fact they are still married today. Although there were some ups and downs in their relationship, throughout their time on the show, their love won the odds. Today they are a happy couple and live happily.

What about the other couples?


We have given you all the details about the Married at first sight season 11 cast. We hope that you have enjoyed the piece. 

FAQs about Married At First Sight Season 11

  • Married at first sight season 11 who is still together?

In the season, couples have faced many thicks and thins. But Amani and Woody Randall are together. Karen and Miles Williams are together too.

  • Married at first sight season 11 where are they now?

Only two couples have lived through ups and downs. They are Amani, Randall and Karen, Miles. Others are living their respective lives. Some are dating. Christina is leading a private life, Henry is dating another woman. Furthermore, Olivia is working as a nurse in New Orleans. However, Brett is apparently single. Bennett today is a playwright, singer and director in New Orleans. Lastly, Amelia is exploring Alaska with her new boyfriend.

  • Married at first sight season 11 spoilers who stay together?

The couples who stay together today are Woody Randall and Amani. In addition we also have Karen and Miles Williams.

  • When was married at first sight season 11 filmed?

April to October 2020.

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