How to Learn English Fast in 5 Simple Ways

How to learn English effectively and fast

English learning may seem very challenging, but it’s not! Ideally, English is a fun and rewarding language to learn. Everyone usually learns English at their own phase, but all learners always want to master it as quickly as they can.

However, if you want to become a confident and fluent English speaker, you must use effective learning strategies and methods. But what is the best way to learn English?

1. Listen to a lot of English.

This is one of the proven ways on how to learn English fast. Focus on listening to as much English as possible. Do it continuously! If possible, ensure that there’s always something in English playing in your office, headphones, or home.

2. Read every resource at your disposal.

Reading has been established to be the best way to learn English. Read any accessible English material from newspapers, emails, classic literature, paperbacks to social media feeds. Continuous reading helps in reinforcing the English vocabulary into your mind.

3. Take note of new vocabulary.

Although we tend to grasp and remember new vocabularies faster when learning a language, we need to understand that not every word sticks. So, it’s best to note new words and expressions together with their meaning whenever you read or hear them.

4. Talk with people

Speaking English a lot greatly helps in learning the language faster. You may read multiple resources, but you won’t be in a position to identify your weak spots if you don’t communicate verbally. Look for a conversation partner, friend, or family member, and practice the skills you’ve learned. You can also find a variety of platforms where you can choose a native English tutor for conversational practice. There are professional teachers among such tutors on e-learning platforms. You can find them on LiveXP, Preply, Italki, Verbling, etc.

5. Subscribe to YouTube channels and podcasts

There are thousands of podcasts and YouTube channels for English language learners that you can subscribe to and listen to while being at work or home. Listening helps in a quick understanding of a particular language. At first, you may find it challenging to grasp the accent of native English speakers, but over time, you start to understand what you’re listening to.