Steps for Drying an iPhone 5C

Steps for Drying an iPhone 5C

The moments after dropping any smartphone into water are crucial. Taking the right steps after can mean the difference between a costly repair or replacement and having your phone back in 48 hours or less, with little to no damage. In some cases, the damage could be minimal, meaning you’ll need replacement iPhone 5C Parts but not a full new phone.

The first step is figuring out whether your phone has water damage. For the iPhone 4, check the water damage indicator located in the charging port. For iPhone 5 and later models, the water damage indicator is located in the sim card tray slot. The indicator is a small white tab. It turns red when there is enough water damage to affect the device. If it has turned red, there are some first steps to take to give your Apple iPhone the best shot at recovery.

First Steps

Before trying a solution to dry out the iPhone, there are a few first steps to take. The phone should be turned off immediately. Also, do not try to charge the phone. If there is water inside the phone, charging it or turning it on will lead to further damage. The SIM card should be removed and checked for damage next. The memory card and other accessories should also be removed or unplugged. Leave the slots open to let as much water evaporate and dry out as possible.

If there is a protective case, it should be taken off the phone. Then the exterior of the phone should be wiped. An absorbent towel is preferable but tissues or anything that will soak up the water will do. Pressing buttons can cause water to get further into the phone. While it can be difficult to fit the urge to repeatedly hit the home button, it can cause irreversible damage.

Patience is Key

Many people swear by certain methods to get a phone dry but the most reliable is patience. Not turning the phone on, using rice, charging it, or anything else for 24-48 hours while it dries out is the most effective way to get a phone to work after it has been submerged. Put the phone on a towel and leave it to dry on its own. Some have found opening a window can help the phone dry out, but make sure to check the weather before doing this.

What Not to Do

The first piece of advice most have is to put the phone in rice. However, the minerals can become stuck to the interior of the phone, causing corrosion and other damage. When the phone is left to dry out on its own, there is a chance you won’t need iPhone 5c parts or other repair parts to fix the damage you’ve caused by trying to fix the phone. Some also recommend using a blow dryer but this could overheat the phone.

Avoiding Future Disaster

Waterproof cases and emergency kits are available to help avoid disaster. There are also cases that have handles and straps to keep the device at hand. Be sure to backup the information on your device often. This way, if the time does come that damage cannot be fixed, you won’t be left completely in the lurch. The best defense is to be mindful about when and where you use your smartphone.

Apple recommends avoiding swimming or bathing with an iPhone and discourages exposure to pressurized water such as the shower, water boarding or skiing, surfing, and so on. The phones should also be exposed to soaps, acidic foods, insect repellent, solvents, hair dye, pool water, perfume, lotions, detergents, and any other liquids as little as possible. Extreme humidity and temperatures should also be avoided. Saunas and steam rooms can also pose hazards to an iPhone, and while it should go without saying, Apple highly discourages users from intentionally submerging devices in liquid.

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