How to Plan an Outstanding Office Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Whether you are the regular office party planner or you are planning your first Christmas party, make sure you throw an event worth shouting about. The work Christmas party is the one event that people will be talking about in the lead-up to the big day, so the pressure is on to make it one to remember. However, a memorable Christmas party isn’t all about the venue and the evening activities; a great do should also be about everyone having fun in a safe environment. Here are a few things to consider when planning an outstanding office party.

Be Inclusive

Before you research the perfect venue, the catering, and the evening’s activities for your event, make sure you pick a date that suits most of the staff. Send the office an email with a poll to ensure you pick the most suitable day and time for the Christmas do. As the organizer, it is up to you to ensure as many people can attend the party as possible. Once you have picked a date, make sure you send everyone an invitation—with a date to RSVP. Being inclusive and asking everyone for their opinion will help raise staff morale and give everyone something to look forward to at work. Not to mention, it will help boost attendance too.

Help Employees Get Home Safely

One major reason many employees decide not to go to the office party is because of lack of transport. Whether you decide to throw a party in the office or in the middle of town, there is usually someone who has to travel quite a distance to get to the event. Although they may have a travel solution for work, your Christmas party will likely be an evening event. Finding a way to get home after a night out can be difficult and expensive for people who live out of town. Arranging travel arrangements for your colleagues is not only considerate, but it also helps ensure their safety after a night out. From researching local taxi numbers and sharing them with employees to booking transport to take people home, there are many ways to help people get home safely.

Take Precautions

Once the date is set, it is time to pick a venue and make preparations. One important aspect of your Christmas party is health and safety. Whether you decide to throw the party at the office or at a function hall, make sure you carry out a risk assessment prior to the do. If you are hosting the party at work, look out for potential fire and trip hazards.

For example, if the room you are using at the office is usually filled with desks, chairs, and computers, you will need to ensure all of the furniture is out of the way, and any loose wires are secure. If you are planning to throw the party outside of work, you will need to make sure the venue is up to date with their health and safety. During the party, keep an eye out for other potential hazards, such as spilled drinks and litter on the floor.

Furthermore, there should be first aid provisions available and a trained first aid employee on hand in case of unforeseen accidents. To ensure you throw a safe party, companies such as H & S Dept provide outsourced health and safety advice that can help keep party-goers safe.

Plan Fun Things to Do

Whether you are throwing a small, medium, or large Christmas party, you need to plan a few fun activities to keep your spirits high. Parties with a large number of guests will suit activities such as a raffle with a few choice prizes or even an office awards ceremony. Presenting top employees with an award for their hard work is a great way for a company to show their appreciation.

You can even hand out alternative awards to poke fun at employees in a good-natured way. For example, the ‘Walking Encyclopedia Award’ for the person who knows everything and the ‘Coffeeholic Award’ for the employee who just cannot begin their day without a cup of coffee. Other fun party ideas could include a karaoke machine and a platform for people to sing and dance and a photo booth for staff to create funny pictures together. A photo booth is a great way to get people laughing, and it will give everyone a fun souvenir that will help them remember a great Christmas event.

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