FoxConverter: Unit Conversion That Is Fast, Simple, And Completely Free


A metric conversion calculator can be useful on many occasions, from dealing with manuals for foreign products to self-education. Sometimes, a conversion may be required at work or for an academic project. Online services are nothing but helpful in such instances: they do all the calculations for the user and give the answer fast. is a metric conversion calculator that can be used either from a PC or a portable device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and offers over 30 different converters with various units, from contemporary to antique, including the following areas:

  • Common, such as length, volume, temperature, etc.
  • Engineering: density, velocity, etc.
  • Radiology;
  • Light;
  • Magnetism.

How to use FoxConverter

The main page contains several ways to use a required online unit converter. The user can click the “Unit Converters” link or use a search panel on the header of the page (the top part). The header stays visible no matter how much the visitor scrolls down which is convenient.

Another solution is to choose the first and second units in the dedicated screen for fast navigation or keep scrolling down to find quick links to the most commonly used converters.


When the appropriate conversion calculator is found, one needs to set the units if this was not done earlier and input the value to convert. When choosing the dedicated converter via the quick link, the user can see a table with the popular calculations pre-made and available.

If another number of units needs to be converted, and the number has been typed in another section will instantly show the answer. Units can be swapped by the button with arrows on it, and to perform another operation with the same units of measurement, another number should be put in.

The advantages of service

FoxConverter is a very adaptive online calculator. It adjusts the page content to the size of the screen so that it is still convenient and nice to look at. The service looks perfect on the mobile phone screen, too.

The website has light and dark color themes which is why the use of it is comfortable for the eyes in any ambient lighting.

Other reasons to use the FoxConverter calculator online:

  • no costs, obvious or hidden;
  • no advertisement;
  • accurate and quick results;
  • versatility.