Career And Job Prospects For Auto Mechanic

Career And Job Prospects For Auto Mechanic

An auto mechanic is also known as an automotive technician who works on a variety of auto makes or works on a specific area or in a precise make of automobile. The job for the mechanic is to diagnose the problem and solve the issue with the repair or replacement of any specific part if required depending upon the situation of the car. Customers look for a reliable auto mechanic in case of any issues faced by them. However, it needs time and effort to become a reputed name among the leading auto mechanics.

Auto Mechanic
Auto Mechanic

Today, the mechanic’s job has become more advanced and specialized, thanks to the advancing technology with different models of standard and higher range of models manufactured in the auto industry. The auto mechanic needs certain education and training before he can go for and work commercially.

Essential education to become an auto mechanic

Today, there are schools that provide auto mechanic training for mechanics or technicians. The auto mechanic courses cover automobile repair, painting and restoring, collision repair, air-conditioning and heating systems, diesel mechanics as specialization in different sectors. The automotive industry standards accredit training programs in various categories of diesel technology, alternative fuel, automotive, collision, and more. ASE certified mechanics have passed ASE tests, and it means that they are well aware of the new technologies and systems used in automobiles. At times, auto mechanics complete postsecondary training programs. Most employers prefer a mechanic with the right qualification and experience.

The demanding jobs for auto mechanics

An auto mechanic has to be physically strong; it is a demand for the job including patience. While working, it is possible that he may be exposed to toxic chemicals and extreme temperatures. There are risks of injury or illness because of the heavy lifting, burns, cuts, and other possible causes. He may have to use a vehicle lift to reach those difficult areas within a car. Training in mechanic trains about technical ways to work comfortably under critical situations of car repairing.

Auto Mechanic
Auto Mechanic

An auto mechanic will carry out maintenance work on vehicles and do the essential repairs to keep them in good working conditions. Besides that, they carry other responsibilities as well, such as guide the customers and educate them about the kind of problems they’re experiencing with their cars. They might run computerized diagnostic tests to locate the malfunctioning components of the vehicle. They carry out routine maintenance takes like changing oil, filter, and belt and give the anticipated repairs estimates to the customers. They carry out routine maintenance, testing, repairs, and inspections of all kinds of vehicles. Because of the growing popularity of alternative energy like electricity or ethanol, some mechanics are beginning to get specialized for such vehicles.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics reflects opportunities for auto mechanics and technicians are expected to grow in the coming years. With the rising number of vehicles on the road and the expanding auto technology, there is likely to be a shortage of auto mechanics in the industry. Apart from the mechanic skills & competencies, the mechanics need to acquire and develop a number of other skills like customer services, better communication skills, and leadership skills. A qualified mechanic may also get engaged in teaching automotive trade and teach the skills to other aspiring mechanics. Thus, the demand for a good auto mechanic will always be there.

Auto mechanics can find work in government agencies and automotive dealers. Sometimes, they run their own businesses, and you may also come across these mechanics working in gasoline stations and private service outlets.


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