Buying TikTok Followers Changed My Life Completely: Here’s Why It Happened

Buying TikTok Followers

So just like every other person on TikTok, I am always desperate to have a noticeable presence on the platform. Somewhere, sometime, I read that buying TikTok followers can help with one’s growth on TikTok. I didn’t have a fancy number of followers before, so I fancied it would be worth trying to help boost my social media presence.

To my surprise, it did. Not suddenly. But for sure, steadily. My growth started to trace a gradual positive graph upwards. I am right now delighted with my growth in TikTok. 

I’m writing this just to help you understand the technicalities a little bit better. And then, you can decide for yourself if buying followers is good for you or not. But for someone like me, it’s always a great option. 100% recommended to everyone.

It started with a steady stream of engagement 

After a quiet day of nothing happening, the engagement in my posts started to improve steadily. 

At first, there was a steady stream of likes on my posts. Then comments. Then shares and finally, more followers. This is the work of 2 things, in my opinion: miracle and Algorithm. And since miracles do not happen on social media, it’s probably the algorithm.

The science behind it 

So when you buy followers. TikTok thinks you’re famous. And what do famous people share besides fame? It’s the fact that people enjoy them. They bring joy to the depressed lives of people. And what do you do to bring joy to your life? You buy TikTok followers

Apparently, when I bought followers. TikTok’s algorithm concluded me to be famous. Thinking that people already enjoy me, it assumed that more people would enjoy me. And consequently spend more time on the app. The results? I appeared on TikTok’s hottest ‘For You’ page more frequently. And I am not saying this out of pure assumption. The stats on my profile still show this. 

People approached me for collaborations

So you know how collaborations work on TikTok. In the starting days when I didn’t have a lot of followers, I received almost zero collaborations. But now my followers have improved, which means people’s trust in me has improved. And they approached me more often for various collaborations—both business and non-business. But let’s assume that all collaborations are business collaborations since they help you one way or the other. This was the best thing that happened after i decided to buy real TikTok followers

How are collaborations beneficial for me?

Well, when you collaborate on TikTok, you’re not only showing your videos to your followers only, your partner’s followers are also watching your videos. This means you get more views on your videos. More views equal more engagement. More engagement equals more followers and more provoking of the algorithm to help in organic growth. 

Conclusion? Buying TikTok followers was the best thing I did

Buying TikTok followers not only helped me build my credibility. It helped me significantly in growing organically on the platform. When I bought TikTok followers, almost 80% of my followers were fake. And now, after months, only 30% of my followers remain fake. Which I think is a significant improvement in my organic growth over time. 

Hence, to my suggestion, if you’re someone who struggles with growth on TikTok, you should buy TikTok followers online. It’s a great head start to your journey on TikTok, and it will give you a big boost over your fellow competitors.

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