Turning the Frown Upside Down: 6 Simple Changes That Can Boost Your Mood

Turning the Frown Upside Down 6 Simple Changes That Can Boost Your Mood

Everyone has days where they just feel a little down. Sometimes, there’s a reason, and other times, you can’t pinpoint the cause. But you can always choose to take action to reverse that mood and bring back your joy.

Get enough sleep

If you’re tossing and turning all night, it’s difficult to be in a good mood the next day. A couple of tips for sleeping better are to have your bedroom very dark, avoid caffeine or sugar later in the day, and turn off the blue light screens for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. 

If your bed is the cause of your sleeplessness, getting a new pillow or an organic latex mattress will provide for better temperature control and body support.

Go outside

Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine can be an instant mood-lifter. The more into nature you can get, the better, but any outdoor time can be beneficial. So if you’re only able to take a walk down the city street, do that. If there’s a park nearby, spend some time there. And if you’re able, forest bathing is the ultimate immersive nature experience.

Listen to music

Music can have a positive effect on mood as long as you’re listening to the right type. If the music is upbeat and happy, it can cause your brain to release serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals cause you to feel happiness and joy.

And if it’s stress that’s getting you down, listening to calming music can help you feel calm and relaxed so you can find your joy again.

Check into some music streaming apps, so you can have your musical therapy on hand wherever you go.


Scents have a powerful effect on the body because they work directly on the brain’s emotional center – the amygdala. Inhaling an essential oil acts immediately on the brain to energize, uplift, or improve your mood.

There are numerous different essential oils to try. Citrus oils like orange or lemon have bright, familiar scents. Peppermint has a fresh, energizing aroma. Ylang ylang is a rich floral scent shown to boost confidence and even ease anger.

Scents are also tied to memories, so look for essential oils of scents that remind you of happy times. Perhaps cinnamon reminds you of baking with your grandma or geranium reminds you of your mom’s garden.


Since the word “exercise” sometimes doesn’t make people happy, think of it as moving your body. Movement, no matter how gentle, can release serotonin and lower feelings of stress. If going for a five-mile run isn’t your thing, try just walking around your block or doing some easy yoga. Any movement is beneficial.


The news and social media are often culprits in less-than-happy feelings. Taking some time to disconnect from the constant barrage of information can allow your mind a break from the negativity that’s bringing it down. A screen break is great self-care.

Wrap up

The most important piece of the happiness puzzle is to find what works for you. Learn to recognize when your mood is going in the wrong direction and have some ideas at the ready for turning it around. You can choose happiness through your actions.