The Murder Of Orsolya Gaal – Everything To Know About The Incident David Bonola

Orsolya Gaal
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A lot of people may know Orsolya Gaal, born in the year 1969, aged 52 years as a normal working lady from NYC who got killed by a freakish man. As per the sources, it was David Banola who ended her life on 15th April 2022. 

So, what’s the whole story about? Well, if you want to know more about Orsolya’s death, then you are at the right place. Go through this article and find out everything that you need to know about her death. We will also share a few bits on David Banola who was the killer. 

Real Name Orsolya Gaal
Nickname Orso
Net Worth N/A
Date of Birth 1969
Age 52-53 Years Old (As of 2022)
Birthplace USA
Current Residence Died 
Nationality American
Profession House Wife
Martial Status Married
Boyfriend / Affairs Howard Klein (Husband)
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Not Known

Things To Know About The Killer Of Orsolya Gaal

So, before we talk about Orsolya, let’s find out some details about her killer. As per the court sources, we can tell that David Bonola was the one who killed Oroslya Gaal in April 2022. However, not a lot of people know about him. So, it’s worth noting that David and Gaal had an affair for about two years. 

David is a freaky man who even went to the Forest Hills coffee shop on a regular basis to tease the women staff there. One of the coffee shop staff mentioned, “He would come up to us and ask for coffees and tell us that we looked pretty and make comments about how we look.”

In fact, some sources tell us that David visited the US around 21 years ago and shared his fake identity as a filmmaker. Moreover, he also claimed that he was a student of the New York School of Interior Design. According to the police, he is actually from Mexico. So, why did he stab Oroslya to death despite having a relationship? Well, read the article to find out. 

A Short Bio On Orsolya
Credit: newsweek

A Short Bio On Orsolya

There are not many details available about Oroslya Gaal, but we do know that she was from NYC. However, she was born in Budapest, Hungary. So, that’s why we may assume that she finished her basic studies in Europe. Her social media handles also tell us that she was a student of Budapest Business School. Orsolya’s date of birth is 1969. 

Family Details

Orsolya Gaal’s family members include her husband, kids, and parents. As per the sources, she had a good relationship with her family members. In fact, she also spent a lot of time with old age people. She has shared a lot of pictures of herself with old people, including her parents on her Facebook. We don’t have the names of her parents, but we do know that she has a sister whose name is Krisztina.

Personal Life

Orsolya Gaal tied the knot with Howard Klein. There’s no way to know the present status of her husband. Moreover, it’s also not clear whether she was living separately from her husband or not. We should also note that her younger son’s name is Leo and he is 13 years old right now. In addition, he also has an elder brother whose name is Jamie. Orsolya shared the pictures of her husband and kids on her social media handle. 

Things To Know About Orsolya’s Murder
Credit: NBC news

Things To Know About Orsolya’s Murder

According to the media sources, district attorney Mrs. Melinda Katz was the one who was representing the murder case of Orsolya Gaal as the attorney. She provided numerous proofs that made the judges confirm the fact that it was David Bonola who killed Gaal. Katz shared in court that the killer, David, hacked the victim up and then dumped her under a highway overpass, just a night before Easter. 

She told the media that David stabbed Gaal at least 50 times and then tried to dispose of her body. He put her body into a duffel bag and then dragged it across. While dragging the body, he left a trail of blood behind and there were eyewitnesses as well. 

According to the local reporters, people saw Gaal for the last time alive at a local bar. She was sitting alone on a Good Friday. When she went back home, David arrived just after a few minutes. The police mentioned that there was an argument between the two and probably that led to her death. 

There was enough evidence to convict David Bonola of the murder. In fact, the police sources also mention that Gaal and David were having an affair. 

Top Facts About Orsolya Gaal

  • Mrs. Gaal was having a dog in her house. 
  • She loved to do hiking. 
  • Orsolya visited musical theatres a lot of times with her friends. 

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