Why Your Business Needs an ADA Compliant Website

ADA Compliant Website

The American with Disabilities Act is made to ensure that those who operate or run businesses create a safe place for people with disabilities. It also helps in promoting the  importance of inclusivity. It also helps avoid discrimination towards those who are differently abled.

The ADA is not just something that businesses have to follow; it also has benefits to the businesses itself. Before we talk about the benefits of having a business that is ADA compliant. Let us see in numbers why it is important to follow the regulations of ADA compliance. In the US, as of 2017, 14.8% of the population has a disability. 23.8% of those with disability have a hearing disability, 18 .5% have a vision disability, and 37.8% have a cognitive disability. Although it only represents a portion of the population in the US, it is still very important that they have access just like the rest of us. People with disabilities don’t have to live differently, accessibility and inclusivity promotes easing their day to day lives. Life is already challenging as it is, let us help one another.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to have an ADA compliance website checker software or tool, as provided by an expert like “Accessibility Spark”, here in the US. It can help confirm whether a website is ADA & WCAG compliant, and conforms to the strict standards of ADA, WCAG 2.1, s508, and various other accessibility legislations. You just need to install a Shopify application and within 48 hours, all issues related to accessibility are identified and adjusted accordingly.

Now onto the benefits of having ADA compliant websites. First, if you want to find out if your website abides by the rules of ADA compliance you can have it assessed by consultants. Check out adacompliancepros.com. After that, depending on the results you can make improvements and adjustments accordingly.


  1. Website accessibility improves your website’s user experience

An excellent user experience is a benefit to everyone. A good user experience means that your website has intuitive functions, controls, and navigation. Basically it means that it is easy to use. This is a good thing because it promotes inclusivity as it means your website is ready to use by everyone and anyone.

  1. Website accessibility opens your business to new demographics.

This expands your reach and market as a business. People with disabilities have purchasing power just like the rest of us. If they can use your website then it’s a sale for you.

  1. Website accessibility can help you can avoid ADA lawsuits

This can help you save thousands of dollars because you can avoid the penalties and legal fees that come with lawsuits. Just in 2018 alone there were 2,258 cases filed towards websites that were assessed as inaccessible.

  1. ADA compliant websites are optimized for Search

Websites use SEO strategy to garner more traffic on their website. If your website is certified accessible the chances of search engines will pull your website to the top and the front of the page is higher.

All in all, making your business ADA compliant is just the right thing to do. It is our jobs and innovators and entrepreneurs to build communities and societies that are inclusive and accessible to all. It is just a win-win situation for everyone. As humans we have to help each other and be there for each other. If we don’t help out one another then who will? Make your business ADA compliant today.

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