Bridgerton Dresses For Sale: Some Available Options On The Market

Bridgerton Dresses
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In recent times, the Bridgerton dresses have come into fashion considerably. If you do not know, let me inform you that Bridgerton is an American historical fiction-romance tv series on Netflix. The first season of this show, created by Chris Van Dusen, went on to become the third most-watched project on Netflix in English. Similarly, the second season of this series went on to the 2nd spot on the same list.

Therefore, it is understandable that this series has been a hugely popular one. However, it has also impacted culture and fashion trends in a more significant manner. The Bridgerton fashion is the main most influential one in the entire series. The over-the-top and fanciful looks of the characters in the series have offered fresh fashion style inspirations to the modem fashion world. In fact, the series is full of a large collection of eye candy, starting from the sets to the outfit ideas. The characters wear opera gloves, Empire-waist gowns and old fashion jewels, coupled with the modern-day sexy boudoir and cottage score dresses. 

Therefore, if you wish to know about some Bridgerton dresses for sale and some other fashion items from the series on the market, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about this interesting fact.

List Of Buyable Bridgerton Fashion Items 
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List Of Buyable Bridgerton Fashion Items 

These are some Bridgerton fashion items and Bridgerton dresses styles that you can buy from the market:

1. Stunning Hair Adornments 

Ellen Mirojnick is the costume designer of the series. She did not include bonnets as parts of the dresses in this series. Rather, she brought in some stunning hair accessories that caught the eyes of the audience. In the series, you will find high-society ladies fashioning ribbon headbands, floral fascinators, bejewelled tiaras or feather headpieces. Now, on the market, these are available for sale and you can buy them easily. Some such available hair accessories are:

  • Ceelgon Silk Scrunchies
  • Jennifer Behr Brai Headband 
  • Beaded Scrunchies
  • Erdem Bow Hair Tie
  • Gigi Burris Millinery Elaine Headband
  • Lele Sadoughi Bardot Headband

2. House Dresses

Though the Empire-waist dresses from Bridgerton might be too much to ask for you, there are dresses featuring loose fits and statement sleeves that you can afford from the market. These dresses are super comfortable and serve as perfect casual house dresses, adding a Regency touch to your wardrobe. In addition, they are super cute and thereby enough to catch the eyes of people. Some of such available costumes like Daphne Bridgerton dresses are: 

  • Selkie L’Appartment Babydoll Sleeper 
  • Topshop Tiered Dress
  • Reformation Brittney Dress
  • Sleeper Atlanta Dress
  • Hill House The Ellie Nap Dress
  • Ganni Cotton Poplin Dress
Stunning Hair Adornments
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3. Necklaces 

The aesthetics of the series is very much dependent on the jewels that the characters wear on screen. Each necklace is different from the others. You can buy such necklaces for yourself from the market. A list of such necklaces available on the market is as follows:

  • Baublebar Bennett Necklace
  • Mejuri Bold Pearl Necklace
  • Knotty Collar Necklace
  • Shusu/Tong YVMIN Edition Rubber Bow Choker
  • Vivienne Westwood Pearl Drop Choker 
  • Gin From the Pampa Party Queen Choker

4. Elegant Gloves 

In the series, gloves are not mere winter essentials. In the series you see the high-society characters sporting old-school elaborate gloves. Kim Kardashian and other fashion patrons are making these gloves reappear on the market. Such available gloves on the market are:

  • YCShun Sheer Gloves
  • Lauren Perrin Tie & Dye Gloves
  • Tulie Ruffled Gloves
  • 365 Days Creations Sheer Gloves 
  • Savage x Fenty Lady FIngers Lace Gloves
  • Cutopitumont Mesh Gloves

5. Fashionable Shoes 

Some Bridgerton-inspired shoes available on the market are as follows:

  • Birdies The Swan Mules
  • Reformation Solange Lace-Up Flats
  • Everlane The Mary Jane
  • Malone Souliers Marion Sling-Back Pumps
  • Le Monde Beryl Mary Jane Flats

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