How to Open a Not-Opening PNG File

PNG File

Portable Network Graphic or PNG is a very widely used image format in today’s world and most cameras and devices use this format for images. It is a very up-to-date format for images and has a lot of benefits. One of the top advantages of using a PNG format is that it doesn’t allow any third-party platform to reduce the file’s quality, unlike jpeg. But it can show an error saying “PNG file not opening”. We will learn, what is the cause of this, what are the common ways to solve this issue, and how to open a PNG file that is damaged or corrupted in this article.

Reasons behind a PNG file not opening

There are some common reasons for a PNG file not opening on WIndows 10 and these are as follow,

  • Your PNG is file is Corrupted.

  • Your PNG file is Encrypted.

  • Your Image Viewer is out of date.

  • The default Image Viewer you have chosen is damaged or corrupted.

Basic Ways for Solving “PNG File Not-Opening” Issue

There are some common ways that can be used to fix the issue of a PNG file not opening.

Fix Corrupted PNG Files

One of the biggest causes of a PNG file, not opening is that the file is corrupted or damaged. In that case, you should use repairing software for opening that PNG file. One of the best software for that is Windershare Repairit. We will discuss in detail how you can use it for opening your PNG files later in this article. You’ll learn a step-by-step guide for operating and repairing your files using Repairit.

Turning off the Encryption

As we have mentioned above that encryption can also be a cause behind not opening your PNG file. So, for solving that you should turn off the encryption from the file settings.

Update your Image Viewer

There are a lot of cases in which outdated image viewer apps were the cause of a PNG file not opening. So, updating your image viewer can also fix the issue. You can check for updates on Microsoft Store if you are using a Windows image viewer. If you are using a third-party image viewer, then you can check for its updates on their official website or store.

Fixing “PNG File Not Opening” using Repairit

As we have discussed earlier that Wondershare Repairit is a very good software for fixing a not opening PNG file for both Windows and Mac users. It is also available for online usage. We’ll discuss a step-by-step guide on how to use the software and solve this problem.

Step 1: For starting the repairing of your PNG files you should launch Repairit and go to the Photo repair option inside your Repairit App. Add your damaged files to the app. Repairit allows its users to add multiple files for repair at the same time which makes it more progressive and time-saving. You can also remove a file that was added by mistake if you want as Repairit allows you to do this as well.

Step 2: When you have loaded your desired damaged files to the app, you can start repairing the files by pressing on Repairit button. Then it is the app’s job to repair your given files. Depending upon the size and number of files the whole process can take a few minutes to complete. When the process of repairing gets completed, the app will show a popup that will tell you that the repairing is done and now you can preview the files. If your files did not get repaired properly then you can also use the advanced repairing option. Advanced repairing will fix that issue for you if you are facing it. You can approach the advanced repairing option from the files adding window and the file preview window as well.

Step 3: At the end of repairing the app will ask you to select a location where you want to save your repaired files. When you’re done with giving the location to save the files you have to press the button and the files will be saved at that specific location.


So, We have discussed what is a PNG format and what are the benefits of using PNG as your image format. Then we put light on a very common issue that anyone can face while using PNG format which is “PNG file not opening”. We’ve discussed the causes of this issue and have learned the common ways of fixing this issue. We have also learned how to open a PNG file not opening in Windows 10 using software called “Wondershare Repairit”. Repairit is a very easy to handle software to open corrupted or damaged files in a few steps. We have discussed the steps that are included for repairing a damaged PNG file.

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