6 Flower Gift Ideas to Brighten Up Your January

Flower Gift Ideas

Now that the winter has come and gone, the home can feel so empty. Without the tree, Christmas decorations, and people, January can feel like a drag – but flowers can bring that much needed energy into the home during the cold winter months. Let’s look at the 6 ways you can use flowers as gifts to brighten up yours or your friends’ January.

January Birth Flowers – Carnations & Snowdrops

Let’s start with something simple: birth flowers. If you have a birthday, or you know someone who is born in January, purchase them carnations and snowdrops – but be aware of what color you’re choosing. This guide from bouqs.com offers a more in-depth look at how to buy flowers online, depending on the occasion.

While the snowdrop only comes in white, carnations can range from red to stripped. Avoid striped or yellow unless you want to offer your regrets or disappointment. Instead, choose red or pink to represent your love and affection for your family or friends.

Flowers in Season

Although January is considered the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere and countries around the equator are experiencing summer. If you want to purchase a beautiful bouquet while saving your wallet, consider these in-season flowers.


You’ll probably notice a white or muted theme for most of the flowers in-season during January, but you can spice up a bouquet by adding gerberas, which are colorful and always blooming. The ranunculus is a beautiful, rose like flower that has a name that sounds like a Harry Potter spell, which is fitting because these white blooms hold a lot of charm. 

Add some Liatris, a long multi-stem flower that comes in a light purple to add character. Suggest the gift recipient to keep this bouquet in a tall vase in the kitchen to welcome guests


The long-stemmed alstroemeria looks really similar to lilies with a more muted color-tone, but not that muted. These long-lived perennials last many years when placed in the ground and come back every fall, so if you want to add some beauty to your friend’s garden, we suggest you purchase, them a bush or three. They are straightforward to care for.

Calla Assorted

The calla lily comes in multiple deep and dark colors but will also come in white. You can make a bouquet primarily out of these flowers because all of its colors compliment each other nicely. If you have no flower arrangement experience, the calla lily is a perfect bet. They are available in New Zealand naturally, but aren’t expensive, and bloom during the winter months.

I love the look of tall stem-ed flowers in a short pot so, if you’re feeling creative, add a bow or a decorative necklace along the brim to complete the gift.


The beautiful and classic dahlia is Mexico’s national flower and was initially grown as a food crop. Although it may be odd to offer your friends a taste of this flower, they are actually quite delicious in salads! If you want to add this flower to a bouquet as a gift, be sure to pair them with a muted flower, like the ranunculus or baby’s breath, to not overpower the ensemble. 


It’s impossible to deny the power of the rose, and with over three hundred species and tens of thousands of cultivars, you’re bound to find a color you enjoy. Varying in size and shape, they’re one of the most versatile flowers on the planet. On top of that, roses are inexpensive all year (except Valentines’ day) because they grow virtually anywhere.

Happy Father’s Day Flowers

Surprise your beloved dad with special edible flowers. This beef jerky formed intricately into a bouquet makes it extraordinary. It would be the most cherished present you’ll ever give to him. Remember those joyful moments while growing up and reminisce together with your lovely gift. It’s only a once-a-year event and surprising him with this unique present every 365 days will mean a lot. This flower jerky which you can purchase at https//manlymanco.com/ comes with tasty flavors, original, teriyaki, hot and mixed. The beer mug that comes along with it is a plus to make the special day more exciting for your dad.

If you want to impress your date and bring some joy into the drab winter months, you can’t go wrong with roses. Add a card with a lovely message to complete the gift.