13th April Events: What Events to Be Celebrated on This Day?

13th April Events

It’s another day and of course, just like any other day, it’s a day full of events worth celebrating. Yes, we are talking about the 13th of April, not the most ‘famous’ day for sure, but one that has plenty of events. If you are someone who loves to celebrate their lives every day, then chances are there that you will fancy this one as well. Why? It’s because it’s another day when we enjoy food. 

According to the sources, the 13th of April is quite famous for being National Peach Cobbler Day. Not only that, but it’s also the National Make a Lunch Count Day. Apart from that, people also enjoy this day as National Scrabble Day, National Thomas Jefferson Day, and International FND Awareness Day. 

If you want to know more about these events at length, then you are at the right place. So, in this article, we shall talk about the events we celebrate on this special day. Therefore, it’s time to read this article and find out about the events of 13th April. 

These Are The Events We Look Forward To On 13th April

April is one of the best months simply because of the abundance of celebrations. Yes, it’s a month full of festivals and celebratory events. Half of the month we celebrate food, just like we do on 13th April as well. So, if you want to know about the events on the 13th of April, it’s time to read this article and find out the answers for yourself. 

National Peach Cobbler Day
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1. National Peach Cobbler Day

The Peach Cobbler, which is a warm and sweet dessert deserves a special day of its own. So, as per the sources, we love to celebrate the Peach cobbler on the 13th of April. It’s a delicious dessert filled with the goodness of fresh fruit. This dish is never complete without a touch of crisp crust at the top. Peach Cobbler is a perfect dessert to enjoy after a beautiful meal. If you want to celebrate Peach Cobbler on 13th April, then you could try eating this mouthwatering dessert. 

2. National Make Lunch Count Day

On 13th April we also observe the national make lunch count day. According to the sources, this day acts as a reminder to all of us that people need to take a bit more break during the lunch hour. It’s necessary to have the time to eat, relax and enjoy. So, if you are in the mood to observe National Make Lunch Count Day, then you should go out for lunch with your friends from work. Apart from that, you could also try packing a healthy lunch box and go to your workplace. 

National Scrabble Day

3. National Scrabble Day

Scrabble is a board game and it has a special day of its own as well. According to the sources, this iconic game has reached people all over the world now. It’s one of the most popular games as well that people play to this day. So, for those of you who don’t know, it’s a wordy game. So, if you want to observe 13th April as National Scrabble Day, then you could host a Scrabble party with your friends. In addition, you can also play this game with your parents, coworkers, and everyone you know. 

4. International FND Awareness Day

As per the sources, the 13th of April also stands for International FND Awareness Day. So, on this day, you should definitely learn more about FND or Functional Neurological Disorder. It’s one of the poorly misunderstood disorders as the sources tell us. 

International FND Awareness Day

5. National Thomas Jefferson Day

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the USA has a special day attributed to his name. In the US, people observe Thomas Jefferson’s birthday on the 13th of April. So, let us tell you that he was the third US president from 1801 to 1809. In addition, he was also the principal author of the 1776 Declaration of Independence. So, if you wish to celebrate this special day, then you could read more about Thomas Jefferson. Moreover, you could also go through his books and works. 

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