Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 CS: GO

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Grenades are one of the most important utilities in CS: GO. There are multiple kinds of utilities within the game, and they all function differently. They can assist you in getting an advantage throughout the game’s many stages. 

Dust 2 is a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map. However, some gamers make a significant mistake by wandering about the map aimlessly. They rarely use their usefulness during the match, which causes them to lose.

A smoke grenade, for example can be used to hide the vision of snipers peering at you from the map’s corner. Similarly, you can use a flash grenade to blind your attackers before going through a door. And today in this article we’ll discuss about the best grenade spot dust 2.

Top 10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

From T Spawn

We start with A long. The terrorist crew may find it easier to take control of the A site from this location. However, you can only do so if you figure out how to use T-Spawn to send a flash over the A Long entry.

The troublesome part is that the sidewalls of A Long’s entrance are slightly higher, making it incredibly difficult to hurl a flash over it.

However, you can use a standing or running flash to illuminate the lower half of the image below. If it doesn’t work, you can also climb up on the car directly ahead of you and perform a jump throw.

From The Skylight

In Dust 2, the second grenade location is located as you exit the door. It used to be possible for players to sprint while throwing a flash through the skylight, but it is no longer possible. However, if you do a running jump throw at the centre one, it will land straight down and strike everyone in the vicinity. Your adversaries may not be able to see you clearly as you exit the building if you do this.

The Cross

When you have seized possession of Long A and want to smoke out the cross, you can use the third best grenade spot dust 2. Some gamers make the error of believing that a single smoke grenade will produce the ideal smokescreen. The cross is a tiny bit too wide for this, too.

However, as seen in the illustration below, you may aim the grenade by standing close to the barrel. Make a running throw after that, and the grenade will fly past the corner house’s roof before bouncing back over to deflect the cross. Your buddy can then make another smoke toss to close the gap.

The Car

In Dust 2, holding the new car has quietly gained popularity among gamers. They are even giving it more importance than Long A. In order to reduce the risk, you must clean it out. To toss a Molotov from the position shown in the illustration below, you must stand on the barrel. Any player hidden behind the car will be destroyed by the flames spreading around it.

Mid to A-Short

One of the most important parts of Dust 2 is transitioning from Mid to A Short. Here, one wrong move might result in instant death. The Xbox smoke can be handy in this situation. To point the grenade precisely where it is shown in the picture below, you must first step back from the wall.

Does a running throw after that to precisely create a smokescreen for A Short. When that happens, you can move closer to the door without being worried about being shot by a sniper.

Rush B

You can stand in the center of the pillar at the tight chokepoint for rush B and then launch a smoke grenade while aiming it upwards. This will enable you to rush B without being concerned about being shot down by a distant sniper. From the same spot, you can also launch a flash grenade right away to blind everyone outside of the chokepoint.

Lower Tunnel

You can toss a flash over the top wall of the lower tunnels to blind anyone who is on the other side. Aiming the flash grenade at the tower’s top will cause it to strike the left side mid. Any opposing players hiding or moving through the area will immediately have their vision blocked, giving you the opportunity to move quickly near them.

B Main

This position is for you if you are a member of the CT side and are sick of the opponent team continuously rushing from B main. What you can do is take a position by the door where you can fire a Molly directly at B Main.

By doing this, the opposing team won’t be able to rush via B main. After the fire goes out, you can hurl a HE grenade at the same location to further disadvantage them. In this way, if an opponent player rushes after seeing that the fire has subsided, thinking that all is clear, they will suffer for their error.

B Site

Use a flash and reflect it off the walls that are present on both sides of the area if you’re trying to enter the B site. Even throwing it over the wall is possible. Right-side standing throws prevent the flash from striking your teammates.

A Site

For those that use the AWP, the goose is their preferred camping location. As a result, it’s essential to make sure that this area is free of enemies. Goose is located in the upper-right corner of A site. This grenade position is easier than the majority of the others, which require you to toss the grenade from a building’s roof or through a door.

All you have to do is throw the molly at the goose while aiming in its direction. They will be found and killed if there are any AWPers there. However, even if no one is present, the location will be on fire, making it impossible for anyone to camp there.

Back Platform

The back platform is the next location on our list of the best grenade spot dust 2. The back platform is another place where enemy AWPers hang out and target your friends, similar to Goose. What you can do is lob a molly in the direction of the location in the image below. You will be able to shoot down the enemy AWPer as they emerge from the area.

Or, if they wind up getting trapped in the molly’s fire, they’ll perish from burns. However, remember that while throwing the molly, you’ll be seen to others. If you don’t move quickly, you’ll probably wind up becoming the AWPer’s target.

We’ll advise you to throw a smoke as a B main to avoid this from happening because it will give you the opportunity to throw the molly without being worried about being killed.

CT Spawn

This is yet another fantastic location in our list of the best grenade places in Dust 2, as it can greatly disadvantage the other side. However, bear in mind that you must first take control of B site for this to succeed.

Once you’ve completed it, you can toss a molly in the location shown in the photo below to stop the opposing team from moving about CT Spawn at will. Whatever they decide, you can easily push over to where they are.


In conclusion, the best and most well-liked grenade types for players and gamers may be found on the Internet. Before beginning the game, the participants must be familiar with all the maps. Therefore, everyone who has played Best grenade spots dust 2 has desired to try something new. Hope this article helps you to get some MVPs.

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