Where Is The Famous Harshad Mehta Son Now? Find Out Some Exciting Aspects On His Life

Harshad Mehta Son

The name Harshad Mehta probably needs no separate introduction to any of us, right? Especially after the web series, 1992 Scam: The Harshad Mehta Story, we all remember this personality very clearly. However, today, we will discuss some of the exciting aspects of Harshad Mehta son. You must be curious to know about what his son is doing now, right? 

Therefore, we are here to take you for a short tour of the life of Harshad Mehta’s only son, Atur Mehta. Just like his father, he is an Indian businessman and investor. So now, let’s take a look at what he is presently focussing on in his life. 

Who Is Atur Mehta?

As you know, Harshad Mehta had only one child, Atur Mehta. In fact, he is best known by the people as the mastermind’s son behind the 1992 Indian securities scam. Moreover, Atur himself is a master stockbroker, and he prefers to stay away from the limelight. 

Furthermore, we also don’t know where Harshad Mehta son was born or what his age is. This is because he never comes in front of the media for any interviews neither makes any public appearances. Probably through this, he is trying to move away from his infamous past life.

What Is Atur Mehta Presently Doing?

We have seen in the web series that in the famous scam of 1992, Harshad Mehta’s entire family had a significant role to play. Starting from Harshad Mehta wife to other family members, they were all involved. Therefore, all the family members have tried to maintain a low profile all these years since that time.

As per the reports, Harshad Mehta’s son, Atur Mehta, is presently focussing on his business. In fact, he recently purchased a 23% stake in Fair Deal Filaments. This is a Bombay Stock Exchange-listed textile company. Moreover, many articles also state that after graduating from a reputed college, he has set up his own business in the city. 

However, do not confuse this personality with the CTO and Co-Founder of a company called Square Off, which is based in Mumbai. Since we know both of them by Atur Mehta’s name, there is often confusion among people. The CTO of Square Off also clarified in his social media accounts that he is “in no way related to Harshad Mehta” or any others of his family. 

Where Is Atur Mehta Now?

As we discussed earlier, neither of Harshad Mehta’s family members generally comes ahead for interviews or shares their details on social media accounts. Similarly, Atur Mehta’s life has a lot of mystery in it. In fact, we also never get to see any of their pictures anywhere on the internet. We get to see only one image of Atur Mehta that was clicked during his father’s funeral. In that picture as well, his face is not visible.

However, as per sources, we come to know that both Harshad Mehta wife, Jyoti, and her son Atur, have moved to the United States. Here they hope to start a new life and get away from all the scrutiny and humiliation. However, we do not have any confirmed news regarding this. 

Summing It Up

The 1992 scam changed the lives of all of Harshad Mehta’s family members forever. They constantly faced scrutiny both by the law and the media. So presently, Atur Mehta and his family are trying hard to avoid the limelight and live peacefully abroad.