What’s The Difference Between Recreational And Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana

The increase in the use of marijuana in recent times is thanks to the decriminalization of the plant in many states across the US. As many more people open their eyes and minds to marijuana, research has also progressed on the plant material. It has been found that the plant has some medicinal uses aside from the psychoactive properties and effects that make it desirable for recreational users. 

The medicinal effect of the marijuana plant has led to the segregation between medical and recreational marijuana. As the name suggests, medical marijuana is strictly available to people who suffer from medical conditions that have been approved for marijuana treatment. On the other hand, recreational marijuana is available to all persons who meet the state’s requirement for purchase.

The Artist Tree Dispensary has come across several debates wherein the differences between medical and recreational marijuana have been argued. This article sheds more light on the difference between both types of marijuana. It will also help you to determine which is best for you and why.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Considering The THC And CBD Levels

The two active ingredients in marijuana plants are the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) compounds. Recreational marijuana is often associated with head or body high, which is the effect of high THC content in the marijuana plant. However, for medical marijuana, the goal is to enjoy as many health benefits without getting “high.” 

Although THC is medically beneficial – in dealing with pain- high levels of it can cause adverse effects to medical marijuana users. In essence, medical marijuana contains higher CBD content compared to THC content. Also, the THC content of medical marijuana products is highly regulated instead of the free-hand given to recreational marijuana products. 

Medical marijuana users will be able to leverage the health benefits of CBD – including anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-carcinogenic, antipsychotic, and antioxidant properties without the side effects of high THC content.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Legal Issues

One of the major areas of difference between medical and recreational marijuana is legality. In many parts of the United States and the world, recreational marijuana is still frowned upon. However, many states have agreed to the medicinal benefits of marijuana in treating certain health conditions. 

For many states, marijuana remains a controlled substance; however, persons who suffer from approved medical conditions can obtain a renewable medical marijuana card that gives access to medical marijuana for health reasons. In such states, persons caught with marijuana but without a medical marijuana card may face serious criminal charges.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Ease Of Access And Marijuana Availability

People who possess recreational cannabis in states where the substance is banned may face serious legal consequences. On the other hand, medical marijuana use is also regulated in medical marijuana-only states. 

For states that have allowed the use of medical marijuana only, cardholders are bound by a certain monthly cap of what can be purchased. In other states where marijuana is allowed for both recreational and medical use, there is a purchase cap for each customer. Medical marijuana users are allowed access to significantly higher marijuana concentrations and products compared to recreational users.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Marijuana Quality

Quality is an important factor that differentiates medical marijuana from recreational marijuana. Although both products are expected to undergo strict quality checks to ensure their safety, medical marijuana requires a stricter vetting process. For medical marijuana, the difference begins in the way the plants are cultivated and how they are produced. 

Cannabis meant for medical marijuana is strictly organically cultivated; this means that there are no pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals used during cultivation and production. Medical marijuana can also be tracked and traced and are required to be labeled appropriately to ensure that patients are getting the right product concentration. As with any other drug in the health field, medical marijuana is strictly monitored compared to recreational marijuana.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Purpose And Use

Many people choose recreational marijuana for personal satisfaction and social enjoyment. On the other hand, medical marijuana is preferred for the many health benefits offered. It is common for people to select products that are versatile over single-use or single-purpose products. This is one more reason why many people prefer medical marijuana to recreational marijuana. In addition, medical marijuana is available to a broader age range compared to recreational marijuana.

Medical VS. Recreational Marijuana: Expected Shopping Experience

If you have ever tried purchasing medical marijuana, you’ll know that the product is taxed differently compared to recreational marijuana. More than this, there is a cap on how much recreational marijuana you can purchase. Although medical marijuana purchases also come with a cap, you get access to a lot more. Medical marijuana users also qualify for more discounts at many marijuana dispensaries compared to recreational users.

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