How To Get Better At Warding League? Everything About Player of LoL

How To Better At Warding League
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Numerous players of League of Legends are searching the internet to know how to get better at warding league. This is quite expected as warding is a very essential mechanic in the game. Regular players would know that warding at times become dull and uninteresting. Yet, in the League matches, it can take up a defining role. In fact, if you have listened to commentaries on the game, you will find frequent mentions of wards and warding. Along with this, another important aspect is the Vision. 

In fact, wards and vision are connected in a way that is inseparable. If you are participating in high-ranking league matches, then both of these elements will become very serious. In fact, they are too serious to mess with. If you are a regular player of LoL, then these factors should be known to you. However, for newcomers to the game, this article is a must-read one. Read this article to know all about warding and vision in LoL.

Importance Of Vision In Warding 

Vision is never a stranger to the regular players of LoL. However, for those of you who are new to this game, Vision demands an explanation. We all know that darkness and fog cover the map of LoL. This ambience is popularly known as the Fog of War. The main purpose of this darkness is to keep the players unaware of the movements of the opposition. Herein comes the importance of the Vision system. It enables you to look beyond this darkness, thereby allowing you knowledge about the opponents’ activities. Thus, it enables you to perform warding properly. 

Importance Of Vision In Warding 
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About Wards

Wards are the items in LoL that, when placed properly, enable Vision for a player. Now, let us go into the individual ward items.

Stealth Ward is a trinket, which you get at the very beginning of the game. You get only two charges for this trinket. In fact, it is a very popular item in the game with around 55% of players going for it. As your level increases, this item scales up. As per the level of the player, the item’s effect lasts for 90 to 120 seconds on average, with a cooldown time of 240 to 120 seconds. 

The Oracle Lens is another trinket, but not an actual ward. Rather, it is used to counter Vision. It scans a 750-unit radius around a player and informs about any hidden ward in the vicinity. The duration of this trinket is 10 seconds, which remains constant throughout the game. However, the cooldown range is 90-60 seconds, which advances with the level of the gamer. Apart from revealing wards, this item will also reveal traps and will also obscurely provide vision on the enemy champions. 

The next ward item is the Farsight Alteration, which unlocks level 9. This trinket then replaces Stealth Ward. It provides Vision for 4000 units around the player. Therefore, this vision range is really great. However, this ward has only one HP and thus is very very fragile. In addition, it has a cooldown of 198 to 99, which is really long. 

The last one on the list is the most effective one. It is the Control Ward. It is an actual item that demands 75 gold if you wish to purchase it from the shop. In effect, this ward is the combination of all the three previously mentioned wards. You can have only two of these items at once, which provides an infinite range of vision. It is useful in de-warding the map. 

Best Times For Warding

Before the 3-minute mark, it is good to use your champion to use Vision of the River. In fact, before the beginning of the laning phase, walking around the darkened area will be good for a look into the Fog of War.

It is preferable to place your early wards at the 1:25 hits. This means that your ward will last for 90 seconds, thus ending before the 3-minute mark. However, it is best to use the Wards whenever you have them.

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Where To Place The Wards?

In the Top lane, near the bush to the left, a Control Ward should be placed. This is to be done to cancel out the Vision of the enemy. Moreover, you will also be able to open up pathways for the Junglers. Yet another great place on the Top lane is the middle of the river near the Rift Herald. This will give you a vision of the enemy junglers exiting the Blue Buff. 

In Mid Lane, the two bushes beside the path are the best places to place a Ward. Also warding at the Baron and Dragon pits is very essential. Another good spot is the pit behind the Red Buff. However, in Bot Lane, the Red side Tri-bush above the Dragon pit is a very essential spot for placing a Ward there. On the Blue side, the Dragon pit wall is a very important warding spot. Also, you can place wards on the sides of the lanes. 

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