A Very Questionable Brenda’s Heaver Needs A Barber Book: Check Out The Hairy Beaver’s Story

Hairy Beaver

So, there’s a book for children that has gained a lot of talk from the parents. One day a child brought a book home and that storybook told the story of Brenda and her ‘Hairy Beaver’. So, this questionable book has certainly caught a lot of eye from the parents. 

Well, if we look at the urban dictionary for the phrase Hairy Beaver then we will come across some illicit details. So, to include such a phrase in a children’s storybook is certainly wrong, as a lot of parents have told the media. 

If you wish to know more about the story of the beaver then go through this article. We will share some concrete info on this matter. 

Know The Story Of Hairy Beaver

So, the title of the book is Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber’ and from the name itself, we get such a wrong impression. Well, that’s the difference between innocence and experience but to include such a phrase in children’s storybook is absolutely questionable. 

So, do you want to know the story of Brenda’s Hairy Beaver? Well, the story illustrates a woman, Brenda, and her pet Beaver who are enjoying some time out. So, it’s worth noting that this is a pictorial storybook. While these pictures aren’t harmful to children at all, the story itself tells a different sort of tale. In fact, it’s not exactly for children at all if we dare say. 

The picture storybook seemed harmless at the beginning. However, on a closer inspection, we discovered some weird and awkward things. Stuart McLean on his first view of this children’s picture book found the content of the book too funny and he told not to share it with other parents online. 

In fact, that man posted pictures of the beaver book that tells the story of a woman Brenda and her Pet Beaver whom the author describes as a big, hairy mess.

So, the story says, ‘every guy who’s seen it says that Brenda’s beaver’s scary’. A page illustrates men running away from her hairy pet beaver. 

Any adult who would read this story would certainly feel it shocking. They’d think how in the world such a storybook can even exist. Actually, the chief motif of the story is a big reference to a woman’s downstairs region. In fact, it’s easy to read this along that line if you actually pay some attention. 

Her Pet, Beaver Is Hairy For Sure

Well, the picture book illustrates a woman Brenda walking her pet Beaver. However, as we said earlier, the Hairy Beaver story detailed something ruder. In other words, it described her pet Beaver as big and hairy. Even though the story was hilarious, a lot of people found it rude. Moreover, in this story, we also see Brenda’s friends who give a ‘makeover’ to Brenda’s ‘Beaver’.

The story continued to describe her pet as a hairy mess. So, thereafter, Brenda’s friends intervened and suggested she clean it up. In fact, each of her friends also gave details about their own ‘pet beavers’. 

It’s also worth noting that the author described one of Brenda’s friends’ Beaver as having a Landing strip. While describing another friend the author termed their Beaver as quite rare. Moreover, another one’s Beaver was completely bare while another ones’ was Brazilian. 

In this storybook, we come across weird and funny phrases like ‘trim that frumpy pile of hair’, ‘smooth and shiny beaver’, etc.