Best Phone Tracking Apps

Best Phone Tracking Apps

Sometimes, phone tracking is necessary if you want to seek private information from the target phone. There are many reasons why people are doing this. They may do it simply out of curiosity, or maybe the parents simply want to monitor their kids to be safer. No matter what the reason is, you can still use some apps to track phones.

These apps to track location will come in handy if you want to obtain some information from the target phone. Here are some of the best ones you can try:

Method 1: mSpy

Amongst all the monitoring software we tested, mSpy can be considered the best tracking app. The main reason why mSpy deserves the highest position is that the app consists of so many useful features that anyone can easily use to track anyone’s phone.

mSpy lets users be connected with the target phone to see what kind of information they want to get. For example, they can see all the calls and chat history right from the simple and intuitive dashboard prepared by the platform.

It also has a feature called geofencing, a feature that will notify the user when the target phone is entering or leaving the set areas. The GPS tracking and other information can be accessed from the control panel.

No jailbreak

This best phone tracker app also has the non-jailbreak version, which may be useful if you want to keep your phone stay original. However, you may expect lesser features compared to the full version of mSpy. But it doesn’t really matter since the features here are still quite usable and helpful.

Some of the features you’ll get from the non-jailbreak version are social media and networking app monitoring and also information about internet use, apps, and more.

No rooting

We really understand that people might feel confused and lost when they see some phone tracking apps require them to have the phone rooted. Rooting a phone has benefits, drawbacks, and risks. It will be a waste of time and resources if you want to root your phone just to enjoy the monitoring app.

With mSpy, you don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, you can use mSpy directly without the need to adjust some things on your phone.

Method 2: eyeZy

Tracking a phone can be made easy with eyeZy. This second-best monitoring app offers helpful features that many would want to use. For example, this high-quality app has a feature called Magic Alerts.

As the name implies, the feature will give you various notifications, so you won’t miss a thing. For example, if you activate it, you’ll get notifications for certain searches, convos, or locations. If there are some restricted words coming up, you’ll be notified immediately.

This feature is certainly useful for parents who are afraid that their kids will access restricted content. If they notice something is wrong, they can directly talk it out.

Another useful feature is pinpoint, which can be found as a part of GPS. Pinpoint lets you know about location history and the actual location of the target phone. The target marking will be done in real-time. This makes the app a valuable location tracking app.

Method 3:

One of the most useful phone tracker apps is This monitoring app will also be beneficial in obtaining some information from the target phone.

To install it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go access website;
  2. Enter the phone number of the target phone;
  3. Send the link through a text message;
  4. Now you can start tracking the phone location in real-time.


And those are the best monitoring apps you could try. Amongst the popular options, we highly recommend using mSpy. Although it may be a bit pricey for some people, the features will definitely be worth every penny.

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