The Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Washington DC to Move to in 2021

Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Washington DC to Move to in 2021

Families all across the country are packing their bags and relocating to Washington DC. Whether it’s for a new job or maybe just a change of scenery, neighborhoods in Washington DC are becoming a popular spot for families. 

In fact, 109,800 people moved to Washington DC in the past year. If you’re thinking of relocating to Washington but your now sure where exactly, keep reading for more information!

Are Neighborhoods in Washington DC Safe?

There are many family-friendly neighborhoods in Washington DC. However, like any other place, there are neighborhoods with higher crime rates. Nevertheless, the safe neighborhoods outweigh the bad ones!

Not to mention, DC also has a robust economy and great public schools! Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC: 

  1. Southwest Water Front 
  2. Foxhall Village
  3. Shaw and Logan Square 

All of these are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC! They each have their uniqueness and charm. However, if your decision to live in DC is based on schools, these neighborhoods have you covered.

Overall, Washington DC neighborhoods all offer above-average, private and public education! Your final decision really depends on your lifestyle.

For example, do you like waterfront views, close to the city, or maybe smaller areas? Whatever your style is, you can rest assured that there is a neighborhood perfect for you!

Southwest Water Front

If you’re moving to DC and you’re looking for a town with a waterfront view, then this neighborhood has got you covered! The Potomac River borders Southwest Water Front.

This neighborhood also offers fantastic science and art museums. However, because this area is so populated and sought after., finding a home can be hard. 

If you’re interested in this area, consider finding an experienced realtor. Thankfully, nomadicrealestate can help you get started!

Foxhall Village 

Foxhall Village is perfect for families who want a quote-on-quote suburban life. In some Washington DC neighborhoods, a decent home may be hard to find. However, Foxhall Village offers affordable prices and amazing homes.

In fact, home values for this neighborhood are around $1,141,895, which is significantly less than other areas. The population is about 5,363, which is relatively smaller when compared to other neighborhoods. 

The nightlife for adults is vibrant, with bars and restaurants only a few miles away. So if you enjoy a nice night out without the kids, this neighborhood is perfect for you! 

Shaw and Logan Square

Shaw and Logan Square are close to downtown, so if you enjoy scenic street views, this neighborhood could be right for you. The area also offers a fantastic nightlife filled with jazz bars, culturally rich cuisines, and incredible views.  

This is one of the best neighborhoods in Washington DC because it grew from the history of African American culture. There are numerous historic areas and excellent museums for some daytime fun.

So if you’re a young family interested in fully immersing yourself in rich culture, then Shaw and Logan are right for you!

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Get Ready to Pack 

Not that you know about different neighborhoods in Washington DC, all that’s left to do is pack! A fresh new start after the chaotic year we’ve all had can be life-changing for you and your family. 

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