Top 8 Fashion Accounts to follow on Instagram

Fashion Accounts

Instagram has always served as a fashion inspiration platform for teenagers, young adults, lady bosses, and fashion lover men.

Fashion is a dynamic concept ranging from size-inclusive fashion to one size for all. It involves trendy colors like pastels, neons, classy silhouettes like overcoats, blazers, and trousers, styling essentials such as t-shirts, tank tops, and so much more.

In this list of Top 8 Fashion Accounts, we have designers from different categories such as lingerie, shoes, vintage styles, social activists who are fashion enthusiasts, and size-inclusive mega-famous fashionistas. This will help you to find inspirations and build your style.

As Instagram is over-populated, we are here to help you find the fashion account that resonates with you.

What Is the Impact of Influencer Marketing?

Fashion Accounts

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Fashion influencer marketing is a massive industry. The fashion influencers have supremacy and the ability to reach thousands of people, aware and advertise a product/service at a time. They act as a reference to understand and know the recent and upcoming trends.

They often make clothing and accessories trendy by styling them. This helps people on social media to know how to style various clothings and amp up their closet without breaking their bank account. They collaborate and work with leading fashion houses and tie-up with other brands and fashion companies to flex their products and spread their work among the audience.

Fashion influencer marketing is an attractive video content strategy that promotes products and services through UGC (User-generated content) format.

They use their creativity and experience to innovate products that attract a greater audience. Fashion influencer marketing is a great way to attract leads and drive more sales for brands and businesses.

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Top 8 Fashion Accounts to Follow on Instagram

  1. Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse

Source: Instagram

Cole Sprouse @colesprouse is a popular actor, fashion influencer, and photographer. He debuted his career from the Disney show suite life of Zack And Cody and has not stopped ever since. The actor and influencer are passionate about fashion and have been named an Emerging Style icon in 2018. The actor made headlines in GQ for his western-inspired fashion and growing popularity. He has over 31.4 million followers on Instagram and is beloved by all.

  1. Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho

Source: Instagram

Camila Coelho @camilacoelho is a fashion designer and influencer in Los Angeles. Her origin is from Brazil. She is a well-known name among the big-fashion horses including Tory Burch and Dior. Camila Coelho is a part of social movements, and recently became the brand ambassador for END EPILEPSY to inform people regarding the stigma surrounding it. She has walked posh red carpets with DVF such as the Met Gala in 2019. Camila Coelho has her own line called Camila Coelho Collection.

  1. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Source: Instagram

Lauren Conrad @Laurenconrad is a fashion influencer, an author, and a designer. Lauren gained her popularity from the television show ‚ÄėLaguna Beach‚Äô. She is an American-based influencer with a following of over 6.1 million followers. In 2009, she launched her clothing line called the LC Lauren Conrad collection alongside Kohls. She has been working for the brand diligently since then. She also has a podcast named ‚ÄėAskingforafriend‚Äô. She is the founder of Paper crown and co-founder of the online store The Little market.

  1. Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine

Source: Instagram

Kelly Augustine @kellyaugustine is a New York-based entrepreneur, a fashion and celebrity stylist. She is a strong advocate for diversity in fashion and everywhere and has always participated to do her part to spread her message across the narrow-mindedness of the strict beauty standards of society. She is a personal stylist and a content creator working for size-inclusive fashion and lifestyle. She is also a marketer in NYC.

  1. Lee Litumbe

Lee Litumbe

Source: Instagram

Lee Litumbe @spiritedpursuit is a fashion influencer and traveler. Litumbe left her corporate finance job and led a journey to share her story and capture the beauty of Africa after realizing the need for more Africans to advocate the beauty of the continent. Lee is the founder of and shares her adventure with her community. She talks about fashion and health on her page and her style is admired by all.

  1. Sylvie Mus

Sylvie Mus

Source: Instagram

Sylvie Mus @sylviemus_ is a fashion consultant and creative stylist based in Paris. She advocates minimalism. Her muted, neutral outfits, simplistic shopping style is highly loved by her followers. She started her career as a street-cast model. She started her career at the mere age of 14 and has been exploring her creative side ever since. Her Instagram is a perfect blend of aesthetic and stylish clothes. She believes in shopping smart and has a chic and modern fashion style.

  1. Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

Source: Instagram

Negin Mirsalehi @negin_mirsalehi is a fashion influencer and youtuber. She has over 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 325k youtube subscribers. Negin started a hair-care line in 2015, known for its enriched infused oil with honey from Negin’s bee garden. Her chic fashion sense has begged her as one of the most influential influencers of our time and she is amongst the most-demand influencers. She has worked with big fashion houses including her partnership with Express X.

  1. Julie Sari√Īana

Julie Sari√Īana

Source: Instagram

¬†Julie Sari√Īana @sincerelyjules started her journey in 2005. She is considered the ‚ÄėOG‚Äô fashion influencer and is most notable for her works in the category of beauty, fashion, and travel. She has started her journey to inspire women all across the globe. In 2019, she collaborated with Australian apparel and lifestyle brand Billabong. It is still known to be the brand‚Äôs biggest collaboration success so far.


These fashion influencers are going to be your go-to for your daily outfit inspirations and reference to build a stunning closet and renovate your existing one.

As Instagram keeps on evolving, offering more features, the people can also directly buy the products from the fashion influencers making the process to buy your favorite item easier. If you are looking to become a fashion influencer yourself, now is the time.