18 Wheeler Accidents: Common Causes and Prevention Tips

18 Wheelers

Truck drivers are usually known for their safe driving practices, but unfortunately, trucks are involved in many accidents. 18-wheelers are responsible for the highest number of fatal accidents and truck-related deaths in the United States.

This article will review some of the most common causes and prevention tips that can help you steer clear of those 18-wheeler tragedies.

The Biggest Causes of Truck Accidents Include:

Driving Under the Influence

It’s important to remember that driving under the influence can lead to a DUI conviction (driving under the influence) in some states and can lead to a lawsuit if it happens in a commercial truck.


Many trucking accidents are a direct result of driver fatigue, whether it be due to a company pressuring their drivers to exceed the legal hour limit or tired from working long hours.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is caused by improperly secured loads that shift in transit, talking to other drivers on the CB radio, following other vehicles too closely, texting and using a phone while driving, and being oblivious of their surroundings.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance can be dangerous, from faulty brakes to tire separations. Many drivers rely on the service manuals provided by their company, but this isn’t enough. You will have to become an expert on your vehicle to keep it safe. To do that, you must replace missing or damaged parts with quality products from a reputable source. However, prevention can be achieved by ensuring.

Safe Loading and Unloading

Most commercial transport companies have strict guidelines on the safe handling of freight and what items can be carried in their trucks. Therefore, the driver should have their load plans before trucking begins, including daily route maps and estimated times for each load.

Many companies use electronic stability control systems to prevent rollovers and truck accidents. These systems help the vehicle maintain balance during slips and skids.

Stellar Road Awareness

A good driver is constantly aware of traffic and stays as far to the side as possible to avoid any vehicles coming in or out of their lane. Before making sudden turns, the driver should check blind spots and ensure nobody is in their way. This will prevent accidents with other vehicles.

Good Maintenance

A good driver must have a well-maintained truck with the proper safety equipment. They should also have a decent driving record, check their driving habits, and learn to avoid any of the aforementioned mistakes. If drivers take extra care with their loads and vehicles, they can help prevent accidents before they happen. 

Keeping Distance

Keeping distance from other vehicles is crucial to preventing accidents, as well as the position of the truck and its load. Ensure your mirrors are adjusted correctly, and you can see clearly, especially when turning or pulling over. Two hundred yards should be enough room to pull over without either end of the vehicle being close to a wall.

The Bottom Line

With commercial trucking and the safety of the public and other drivers at large, it’s never just about following the rules by state law. It’s also about being aware of one’s limitations and ensuring they are within legal limits. You can see a truck accident lawyer in Houston by visiting our website.