Purifying Your Air On The Go: Your Guide To The Portable Air Purifier

Portable Air Purifier

Air quality has become a massive concern in recent years. New developments and technological advances led to the building of more infrastructures. In the United States, there are over 70 million tons of pollution emitted into the atmosphere.

The air we breathe in carries various particles that may be harmful to our health. Particles in the air vary in size, and the smallest ones are the most hazardous to our health. Those shorter than 10 micrometers can enter our lungs.

A portable air purifier can help improve the air quality around us. In this article, we give you some of the benefits of getting an air purifier. Read on to find out more!

What Is a Portable Purifier?

Portable air purifiers are small transportable air cleaning units. You can place them around your neck, on your work station, or anywhere in your house. Air purifiers can lessen your allergies, mold, and the appearance of insects such as bed bugs.

They can remove most particulate, gases, and biological air concentrations. An air purifier can lessen the chance of getting or spreading infectious diseases in your home. It limits the spread of any virus, which are long-range airborne particles.

Types of Portable Air Purifiers

There are two main types of portable air purifiers. This includes filtered and filterless air purifiers. Filtered air purifiers trap airborne particles using HEPA, carbon filters, or a mix of both.

It gets rid of small and large solid particles like pollen, dust, bacteria, and mold. The filters also trap gases, removing odors if they can’t trap massive particles. However, filtered air purifiers use more electricity.

Maintaining this type of air purifier can be costly. Note that the purifiers can turn contaminants from their gas state into a solid form. Filterless air purifiers come in more kinds than filtered ones.

These are some of the variants that you can buy on the market.


Ionizers use electrical needles or surfaces to release negative ions into the air. They stick onto airborne particles and fall to the ground, making it easy to clean and spot them. It uses a process called ionization to trace air particles.


AHCPO air purifiers destroy any contaminants rather than trapping them. This type of purification is more energy-efficient, purifying your air with less effort. With catalytic oxidation, it destroys carbon-based molecules like mold and smoke.

Thermodynamic Sterilization

TSS purifiers work by sterilizing heat. Air passes through the heated ceramic core using air convection. With the heat transfer plates, the air cools and gets released back into the air.

UV Air Purifiers

This variant uses ultraviolet rays to kill mold and bacteria in the air. With prolonged exposure, it disinfects the air. The length of this process may depend on exposure time to UV lights and its intensity.

Biotechnology Air Purifiers

This is a type of air purifier that combines several scientific principles. These include natural oxidation, convection, and molecular charge attraction. This portable air purifier can then destroy odors and particles that pollute the air.

Aside from these portable air purifiers, experts introduced new products. You can find air purifiers for your car, desk, and airplanes.

Benefits of a Portable Air Purifier

Getting air purifiers can improve your long-term health. Here are some ways that air purifiers can benefit you.

Relieves Asthma

People with asthma suffer from several pollutants in the air. Some of these include pollen, dust, or pet dander. These can enter and irritate their airways and make breathing difficult.

Vacuuming your home can help in reducing these pollutants. However, some may remain suspended in the air. An air purifier can help improve air quality in your home.

Most air purifying systems contain HEPA filters. These target dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. Some air purifiers can target and capture smaller pathogens.

Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Areas with heavy traffic may carry large amounts of heavy pollutants. Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide may infiltrate your home. These pollutants can increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Other harmful chemicals may come from regular household cleaners. These toxins may include ammonia, phthalates, and chlorine. They can lead to tumors, cancer, and other disorders.

With an air purifier, you can avoid these problems. Carbon filtering traps these chemicals. In return, it recycles fresh air back into your home.

Reduces Unpleasant Odors

Some chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and gasoline can cause unwanted odors. You can find these compounds in aerosol sprays and paints. It may also come from certain air fresheners and upholstered furniture.

It can lead to nausea and cause difficulty in breathing. It may also affect your cognitive functions. With an air purifier, you can neutralize these unpleasant odors.

Low VOC levels can improve your performance and productivity. It can trap gases that pollute your home. Purifiers can also absorb the smell of cooking oil and spices, keeping your home fresh and clean.

Reduces Disease

Tiny pathogens can cause diseases like the flu or common cold. The air in your home carries the same infected bacteria and viruses. If one person in your home gets sick, other members may follow.

A portable air purifier can capture these viruses and bacteria. It improves your air quality and makes it safe for a home environment.

If you live with the elderly or have any children, you need an air purifier. Older adults and children are more susceptible to getting sick. Getting an air purifier ensures that everyone in your home stays healthy and safe.

Improves Sleep

Indoor allergens can trigger allergies or hay fever. When you get a fever, you may suffer from a runny nose that lasts for several weeks. Symptoms include sore throat, congestion, sneezing, coughing, and other allergic symptoms.

These symptoms can disrupt your sleep. Without proper sleep, you can suffer from drowsiness and irritability. Getting an air purifier improves your sleep quality and productivity.

Purify Your Air on the Go

You need not worry about polluted and dusty air no matter where you are. Get yourself a portable air purifier and clean the air in every room of your house today!

Do you need more information about air purifiers? There are many things that your purifier can do that you may not know about. Check out more of our blogs and guides to learn all you can learn today!

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