6 Reasons a Lot of Motorcycle Enthusiasts Buy a Street Glide for Sale Qld Dealerships Have

Street Glide for sale Qld

Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycle brands today, not only in Australia but worldwide. In fact, only a few names in the world of on-road motorcycling could be as large as this company, which has been continuing to raise the bar for riding excellence.

The company still never disappoints in impressing motorcycle enthusiasts with their top-of-the-line models, including the Street Glide for sale Qld dealers have in their showrooms today. Falling under the “touring” category, this bike provides you with a combination of power and comfort, which makes for an enjoyable riding experience every time.

So, why is the Street Glide so popular?

The Perks of Having a Harley-Davidson Street Glide

There are a lot of great options when you are looking for a Harley-Davidson for sale Qld dealerships have today. But what makes the Street Glide a great choice to have?

1. Classic Style with a Modern Touch

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should buy this bike from Harley-Davidson is its design. With its cut-down batwing fairing and hard bags with matching colours, the Street Glide carries the edgy and powerful classic look Harleys are known for.

All the while, its classic design is combined with a modern touch that will never make this bike look out of style. When you check it out, you will instantly notice the contemporary elements throughout its body that will make it stand out even among the newest touring motorcycles of today.

Plus, the 2021 model comes with a wide range of colours, so you will definitely find one that suits your style perfectly.

2. Top-Notch Ride Quality

Like other Harleys for sale Qld dealerships have, the Street Glide is also known for offering a smooth and comfortable ride on the road, thanks to its design that allows you to have a relaxed seating position.

Its batwing fairing with a cut-down windscreen also allows enough wind in your face, adding to the overall riding comfort.

3. Excellent Entertainment Features

The Street Glide for sale Qld dealerships have today comes with an innovative infotainment system that will keep you entertained while on the road. Apart from a foam-lined cubby with USB connectivity for your mobile phone, it also has a built-in sound system with large speakers that you can control through an easy-to-read LCD screen with a user-friendly interface.

Numerous other features can also be added to enhance the bike’s functionality and your riding experiences, such as satellite radio, voice recognition, text-to-speech capability, and hands-free Bluetooth technology.

4. Stunning Power and Performance

With its Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads, as well as its perfectly engineered power train and mechanical features, the Street Glide can deliver the thrill and excitement you are looking for every time you set off for a ride.

When it comes to performance, you can easily moderate the power of this bike at your command with its independent anti-lock Brembo brakes. Add to the equation a high-performance suspension system, and you will be in for a smooth riding experience.

5. Total Freedom for Customisation

While the Street Glide is already appealing as it is at a dealership’s showroom, the bike offers a lot of room for customisation if you please. By the time you buy it, you will have access to an exceptional range of add-ons that have been specifically designed to make this model even better.

For instance, you have the option to install a mini-ape handlebar, instead of the stock handlebar, to adjust to your riding preferences. Or, you could enhance the bike’s functionality by adding a chopped-style storage feature or customising the footboard, head and rear lights, or even the wheels. You could even add cruise control and a security system.

6. Practicality

Along with the Harley-Davidson Breakout for sale Qld dealerships have today, the Street Glide is one of the most versatile and practical touring bikes that you can have.

Of course, you can drive an Electra Glide to work, but it could be difficult to manoeuvre it through tight spots. You could also ride a Sportster, but where will you stow your stuff?

As for the Street Glide, it has enough room to carry your stuff, while being sizable enough to be easily manoeuvred through traffic or for driving through smaller roads.


Considering the perks mentioned above, it is without a doubt that the Street Glide for sale Qld motorcycle dealerships have today has a lot more in the tank than any other bike. Being a Harley is a unique trait on its own, but it has all the qualities you could ever need to enjoy a thrilling and memorable touring experience.

However, to get the best deal when purchasing this bike, you should only do it with an authorised dealership. And this applies to whether you’re looking for pre-owned motorcycles in Houston or new ones in LA; the point is that you want to always go to an authorized dealer.

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