Buying Kitchen Cabinets In LA Is Easy

Kitchen Cabinets

Buying kitchen cabinets in LA has never been easier. There are a bunch of stores for you to choose from based on your needs and specifications. Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out what you need.

Know-How Much Your Willing To Spend

Budget is crucial when it comes to picking out kitchen cabinets. They can get quite expensive very quickly if you are not careful. That is why we encourage you to think about how much you want to spend before even looking at cabinets and simply avoiding the ones out of your price range.

There is nothing worse during remodeling than falling in love with a cabinet and realizing you can’t afford it. So, make a budget and stick to looking at cabinets that fall in that budget.

Know What Cabinet Style You Need

A big part of finding your cabinets is knowing what type you need. There are three different types to choose from with varying costs associated with them.

  • Stock Cabinets
  • Semi-Custom
  • Custom

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are pre-made and just need assembling. They are the cheapest option since they severely limit your creativity. You choose from pre-made cabinets which ones you want to buy with no ability to adjust anything about them. You can find these types of cabinets at home improvement stores like Lowes or from certain cabinet makers.

If you’re tossing up between custom cabinets vs stock cabinets, read this blog by 1 Stop Cabinets.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are made to order and are a popular option for most people due to their customizability and affordability. You have a much greater selection indoor style, finish, and size options. Some home improvement stores offer this kind of cabinet but the quality won’t be as good as a cabinet specialty store.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are the most expensive option. This is because they are completely customizable by you. You can select the shape, size, style, and finish. This option is perfect if you have a specific door style in mind or have an oddly shaped corner you need to have a cabinet in.

Kitchen Cabinet Experts

The best place to buy kitchen cabinets in LA is at Polaris Home Design. As kitchen remodeling experts, they can help you pick out the perfect cabinets to pull your whole room together. They can even give you tips and tricks to help keep your cabinet prices down in an affordable range.