32 Inch Monitor: Too Big or Just Good Enough

32 Inch Monitor

Nowadays you can use Desktop monitors for more than just work. You can use it for entertainment purposes such as playing games or watching movies as well. Therefore if you are thinking about buying a 32 inch monitor and want to know if they are worth it. Then read this article till the end to see if you truly need a bigger display.

What Size of Monitor Do You Need for Gaming, Work, Entertainment, etc.?

32 Inch Monitor

As computer workstations get larger, quicker, and more expensive, it can be difficult to make an efficient buying decision. Whatever component you choose, you can always upgrade to a faster and “better” option – but this always comes at a higher cost.

The computer monitor is one part where this is particularly true. There are lots of choices to consider when it comes to screen size, resolution, and refresh rate. But before you pay the money, take some time and make sure you’re getting the perfect monitor for you. The term “right monitor” refers to one that has the size and performance you require without unwanted features, size, or cost.

Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big For Gaming?

There are a few different ideas when it comes to the ideal display size for gaming. But ultimately it depends on the player. If you enjoy playing slow-paced games like Minecraft, or if you want to have the most immersive experience possible. A 32-inch monitor would be the best for you.

The huge screen will provide you with a wide view of the field and let you to take in a lot of scenery at once. This would be ideal if you want to immerse yourself in your favorite digital world. If you enjoy playing action-packed shooters like Over watch or Valorant then undoubtedly, a 32-inch display is too big for you. Well there are few reasons why.

Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big For Gaming

While viewing more of the map at once may be helpful when playing slow placed games like Civilization VI. Having a lot going on in your peripheral vision, on the other hand, makes it difficult to keep the intense focus needed for playing games like CS: GO at high levels. An issue that grows worse as your display gets bigger. 

Smaller monitors help gamers to react faster and minimize eyestrain in addition to reducing distractions. On the other hand, having a bigger and larger field of view display can get you indulge in games where there are not a lot of attention is required. Playing racing games or build your house in Minecraft will not have an immersive experience with smaller display.

Another thing you should always keep in mind before buying a new display is its refresh rate and colour reproduction. Higher refresh rate is need for fast pace games. And good colour reproduction will give a better experience in story mode games. 

Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big for Work and Office? 

For Office or Work related displays 32-inch monitor will be ideal. The more screen means the more work you can view and handle at a time. Many offices use multiple displays with smaller screen size. However having a bigger display will eliminate the need of having multiple monitors. 

It’s helpful to have the option to compare documents side by side on the same screen rather than viewing them on multiple monitors. And having a larger monitor will increase the productivities of your work as well.

Is 32 inch Monitor Too Big for Work and Office

Whether you’re editing photos or videos, rendering graphics, or performing any other type of visual job you will benefit from bigger 32-inch display. In addition to that, a large screen allows you to see the entire picture during creation or editing.

To get a better view or understand how one piece interacts with another, you may need to step back and see everything at once. A large screen allows you to pan out while still seeing finer details. If you have a small office with few employees, then you can use the larger 32-inch display to explain or discuss details with much ease.

Is 32-inch Sufficient for Entertainment?

It’s no surprise that many people enjoy watching movies and television shows on large displays. A 32-inch high-resolution monitor (at least 1440p, preferably) will provide you with a pretty large, crisp image that you can see easily from across the room. It is ideal for watching TV in bed or changing your room/office into the most comfortable home movie theatre in the area.

Is 32-inch Sufficient for Entertainment

A 32-inch monitor will not provide the same cinematic experience as an 80-inch TV with surround sound. Nonetheless, once you’ve finished working or studying for the day. It’ll be a perfectly viable way to view your favorite shows, movies, and streams. 

The difference between watching movies on a 32′′ display and gaming on one is that you can rest at whatever distance you need to be from the monitor. This is because you don’t have to interact with a keyboard/mouse.

However, if you have a gaming console then it will be a perfect to have a bigger display to connect it to. Invite your friends and play with them on your large display without having to worry about anything. 


If you plan on using a display for business, everyday computing, streaming movies and TV, or playing slower-paced games a 32-inch monitor could be all you need. The larger display size will allows you to handle multiple open windows at the same time. As well as provide a more cinematic viewing experience. Hope this help you in finding the answers you need as well as make a better decision.

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