A Few Things To Know About Colleen Ritzer Wiki, Death, Murder

Colleen Ritzer

A lot of people know Colleen Ritzer as a famous US high school teacher from Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA. She served as a teacher of maths at Danvers High School. It’s worth noting that she was a lovable teacher and she always helped the students.

In fact, she was someone who stayed after school late hours to help the students out with their studies. So, in a way, we can say that had an open and friendly nature towards her pupils.

It’s really unfortunate how a wonderful person like her met a tragic end. As per the sources, Colleen Ritzer was raped and murdered by her student Philip Chism on 22nd October 2013. It’s highly ironic that a teacher who loved her students a lot ultimately met her end at the hands of a student.

So, if you want to know about Colleen, then you are at the right place. Here we will share everything you need to know about her life. So, now’s the time to go through this article and get some fascinating facts about Colleen.

A Short Bio On Colleen Ritzer

According to the sources, Colleen Ritzer was a maths teacher at Denvers High school. She was an awesome person who loved her students very much. As per the sources, her birth date is 1989, 13th May. Moreover, we should also add that she’s from Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA. Colleen belongs to a wealthy Christian family. At the time of her death (2013), she was only 24 years old.

She was a lady with multiple talents. In fact, she herself had a bright educational phase. For instance, she went to Andover High School to complete her high school studies. Thereafter, she went to Assumption College for further studies. Later on, she began working as a maths teacher at Denvers High School. Moreover, the sources also claim that she was pursuing higher studies at Salem State College along with her job as a teacher. Unfortunately, she met a tragic end at the age of just 24, in 2013.

A Brief Note On Colleen Ritzer’s Murder

So, according to the sources, it was a student who murdered Colleen Ritzer. The murderer, Philip Chism was a 14-year-old student who murdered her teacher on 22nd October 2013. Well, the sources tell us that Colleen stayed after school as usual for her duties. On 22nd October, she asked Philip to stay after school with her. The reports tell us that Chism was shy and he had just moved from Clarksville, Tennessee. So, along with Chism and another student in the class, Colleen tried to talk about Tenessee and Philip.

However, the topic of Tenessee disturbed Philip as another student felt. CCTV footage showed that Colleen went towards the bathroom sometime before 3 PM. Moreover, a few moments later, Philip also went after her.

So, the CCTV footage showed that Chism covered his face with his hoodie, and pulled out a boxcutter and gloves after entering the bathroom. So, after that, he tried to scare Colleen Ritzer from behind. The police report tells us that he cut Colleen’s throat over 16 times with a box cutter and brutally raped her.

After that, he left the bathroom and 10 minutes later returned after changing his jacket with a big dustbin. Thereafter he dumped the body about 12 feet into the woods. On 15th December, Philip was found guilty of first-degree murder, rape charges, and armed robbery. The jury sentenced him to prison for 40 years.

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