Who Is Andie Rosafort? Everything To Know About Her Case

Andie Rosafort

The case involving Andie Rosafort has become extremely famous. So many people want to know what transpired behind her arrest. As we know, the New Fairfield School District Employee, Andie, was indicted on March 1 for engaging in sexual misconduct with her 14-year-old student. So, that’s the reason why the police arrested her in February. In fact, the reports tell us that they suspected her of sexually assaulting the 14-year-old kid. 

Moreover, the criminal complaint also tells us that Andie contacted the girl online when he was only in the 8th grade. She then lured the youngster into her car and assaulted him after. So, on the 17th of Feb, the authorities pressed a warrant charge against her. In fact, the latest reports tell us that she surrendered three days later. She even faced charges of second-degree sexual assault. Additional charges include endangering the welfare of a minor as well as computer luring. 

If you want to know more about the case and Andie’s standpoint, you are at the right place. Here we will share some awesome facts about the case and also about Andie. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out all you need to know about her life. 

What Is The Case Of Andie Rosafort Instagram?


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According to many media sources, Andie Paige Rosafort (also famous as Meaww), had a secret TikTok account under the handle @thepeacespaige. So, in this handle, she used to post videos. The reports, tell us that Rosafort and the victim (the 14-year-old boy), had been having a platonic relationship with her for months. Thereafter, Andie gave her sexually explicit images in September 2022. 

After the arrest, the police retrieved her phone and got the vital information. They discovered that she had given the victim multiple illicit pictures and videos. Months later, when the boy turned 14, she even abducted him from a party and sexually abused him in her car. So, when the boy returned, she told the authorities that he started acting strangely. 

Andie Rosafort, the 31-year-old lady, is a former lunch lady of a school. She sent her nude pictures and videos to the teenage boy via Snapchat over a six-month time. In fact, the alleged inappropriate behavior came to light after the victim’s friend told a parent. 

According to the reports, Andie had been talking to the victim through Instagram and Snapchat. Some sources also tell us that she contacted him on TikTok. Nonetheless, she sent the 14-year-old boy her nude pictures before abducting him and sexually abusing him.

The Aftermath of the Case

So, as we mentioned earlier, the entire scenario came to light after the victim told one of his friends the entire thing. That friend in turn told a parent who understood the entire situation. As per the reports, the police arrested the alleged lady upon complaint. Even though she didn’t want to admit it at first, citing the boy’s behavior as “strange” and “irrational”, she eventually surrendered three days later.

Andie Rosafort Case

 On February 17 the police arrested her and she confessed to her crimes on February 20. So, as we mentioned earlier, the police confiscated her mobile phone and found explicit images and videos. In fact, the phone also revealed the explicit messages she sent to the boy. All of these confirmed the fact that Andie was guilty. 

So, eventually, she faced charges of second-degree sexual assault for tempting a kid via computer. Later on, Andie was released after paying a sum of 100,000 USD bond. However, she will have to appear in court once again on March 23. As of writing, it’s unclear whether she would retain legal counsel to advocate on her behalf or not. 


There’s no denying the fact that what Andie did was extremely wrong. In fact, she had to face the charges due to her actions. So, quite naturally, this news has come as a shock to many. In fact, the school where she worked as a lunch lady has reportedly fired her. Undoubtedly, her deeds will have a permanent scar on her life.

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