Black Lipsticks: Best Ideas To Craft Perfect Black Lips

Black Lipsticks
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In recent times, fashion enthusiasts around the globe have become obsessed with black lipsticks. In earlier times, the demand for this particular shade of lipstick increased before and during Halloween week. As a result, you could have afforded these only at those times of the year. However, now the scenario has changed, and you can get this shade throughout the year. 

Let me inform you that the trend of using dark makeup started in the 90s. Black has always been a preferred colour for clothing around the globe. This particular colour has an appeal of its own. As a result, black lipstick looks have also become equally attractive. As a result, various cosmetic brands have come up with their collections of this dark lipstick shade. 

Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the best black lipstick ideas, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know about those ideas in detail, so that you can do this look in the perfect fashion. 

Top Black Lipstick Ideas

These are the best ideas for using black shades of lipsticks in the most appealing manner. However, no particular order of arrangement has been followed in this list:

Iridescent Finish

This is a great idea to make the dark shade sparkle your lips in the perfect manner. First, you need to apply matte charcoal lipstick on your lips. Then you have to scale it up with a glossy, iridescent finish. To achieve this effect, you need a holographic formula featuring hydrating components. This will enable you to keep your lips flake-free. The subtle glittery effect that comes with this idea, is great to look at. 

Top Black Lipstick Ideas
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Outlined Effect 

This is more of a revival of the 90s trend. In order to craft this look, you need to have two similar moody shades of lipstick, a lip brush and a black lip pencil. First, use the pencil to draw a fine outline of the lips. Then apply the lighter shade at the centre. After that, use the darker lip shade near the liner. At the point where the two shades converge, blend them. This look is simple to create but looks stunning once complete. 

Liquid Onyx

We know that for beginners, matte lipsticks are the best as they offer more precision. To get this look, first, line your lips with a liner pencil or the tip of the brush. After that, apply the pigmented look on your lips. This simple, yet stunning look will add a tinge of hotness to your appearance.

Gothic Gloss

Makeup experts and enthusiasts know that matter shades look more saturated than the glossy ones. You can top this look with a black liner. Also, you need to fill your lips perfectly to provide a strong base for the gloss. 

Outlined Effect 


This is a bold idea for using the darker shade. You need to overline your lips to give the illusion of a big pout. The subtle and radiant usage of the lipstick allows for a better statement. 

Soft Matte

If you prefer a soft look, then you may opt for this soft matte black lipstick that is not much opaque. This lip idea works great with simple, toned-down eye makeup. This idea will also enable you to create an illusion of a bigger lip. 

All Sparkles

We know that sparkles add added dimension to our lips. Therefore, to top up your matte lip shade, add a non-sticky glossy touch to it, just like Lady Gaga. In fact, this lip makeover will last throughout the day.


1. Are black lipsticks available?

Yes. You can get these shades throughout the year. 

2. How to use black lip shades effectively?

Read the ideas mentioned in this article to craft perfect black lips.

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