The Facebook Game Of Fruits For Creating Awareness About Breast Cancer

Facebook breast cancer awareness game
Cropped image of group of young multiracial woman with pink ribbons are struggling against breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness concept.

Recently, some people started a Facebook breast cancer awareness game and some people are even following the game. All such people are responsible for making fun of this serious condition, breast cancer.

Many of the readers of Facebook might have known about this Facebook and those who have posted can just stop doing this nonsense. Yes, it may sound ride but there is no need to address this serious health condition with such content. I just wonder why people are hiding this disease from the men?

I will try to control my reaction but want to share one beautiful Facebook post. This kind of post will make some sense rather than another ridiculous post. Dr. Surabhi Kalita Khanikar shared this Facebook post. And she is a consultant and anaesthesiology at Narayana Health care center. She also works in American Heart Association as an ACLS/BLS.

According to that post,

“Hello all, I’m not against any games or fun. But it doesn’t look like a game for serious concern. I thought it will be a good game for relationship status. To be an awareness game and that too for breast cancer, the decoding can be better. So, I changed it and shared it according to my views. This would make some sense for creating awareness for breast cancer.

Raspberry – Knowing more about breast cancer since it is common cancer in women.

Blueberry – I ensure that my friends and relatives are going through the mammography diagnosis regularly.

Strawberry – I never ignore any kind of lumps in my breast.

Banana – I’m aware of the causes of breast cancer such as contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy, first-degree relatives like parents, siblings having breast cancer, etc.

Avocado – I wanted to take part in the awareness programs of breast cancer.

Lemon – I’m a good breast cancer survivor and wanted to explain my journey of the fight against breast cancer with my FB female friends to create some awareness.

Raisin – I’m having good knowledge of the examination steps related to breast lumps and wanted to share the same with my FB female friends.

Mango – I’m happy to share with you that breastfeeding will reduce breast cancer risks. 

Cherry – To prevent breast cancer, maintaining a healthy diet along with exercise plays a crucial role and I’m doing the same for my body. Are you?

Apple – I would like to help at least one of the breast cancer patients in the better way possible.

Pineapple – Anyone knows that women having artificially enhanced breast or implanted breasts can have fewer risks of breast cancer?

Additionally, one has to know that even men will get breast cancer. So, men should also be a part of this awareness game. When I was thinking about the lack of knowledge of people about this serious concern, I saw the original Facebook post on the FB page. Thus, I changed it to make some sense for people. That kind of fruit salad game is not an awareness game but it is against the law for me.

Based on studies, in India, one in 30 women is prone to this serious disease. But what about men, they too get this cancer and the ratio is 1:400. Male breast cancer symptoms are almost similar to breast cancer in women. Thus, both men and women should stay aware of this breast cancer and its risk factors.


Thus, people need to stay empathetic for spreading awareness. Even a single word may hurt the feelings of cancer fighters. Thus, it is not a game but it is a life.

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