Are You Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here Are 10 Stunning Kitchen Ideas

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Have you seen those images in magazines and online with beautiful kitchens that look perfectly styled? You probably think your kitchen could never look that perfect. That’s where you’re wrong: achieving a stunning kitchen design is totally within reach.

Having a beautiful kitchen makes you want to cook like a professional chef. So, if you are remodeling your kitchen, but don’t know where to start, here are ten stunning kitchen ideas. You’ll feel like a master chef after your remodel.

  1. Tile Your Range Hood

Found a tile you love that you want to use everywhere? Don’t stop tiling at your walls. A tiled range hood will give your kitchen a unique detail that pops.

This is a DIY remodel project that will make your kitchen stand out. It will accentuate your range hood’s shape. So here’s a place you can play with shapes for a big visual punch.

You can blend it into your backsplash or give it contrast by using a different color. Try creating a mural for a personalized touch. Add a ledge on for extra shelving to display accent pieces. 

  1. Opt for Open Shelving

Open shelving is becoming more and more popular as people forgo traditional cabinets in their kitchen remodel. This popular style is great for making a kitchen feel open. From floating shelves to industrial designs, these will add an accent to the kitchen.

Consider how long you want the shelving to be and how much of it you want. You can wrap it around two walls or stagger the shelving on one.

Treat your open shelving like another design element. Display plants or your bakeware. Stack pretty dishes or your favorite cookbooks. Let this element show your personality. 

  1. Remodeling Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island should be both functional and stylish. Integrate your appliances on one side to keep them tucked out of the way. On the other side, add an eating area, so hanging out in the kitchen for quick or casual meals is a must.

Use your kitchen island for functional storage. Hide away trash cans, pots, and pans, or kitchen appliances you don’t use every day. If you have pets, incorporate their food bowls on your island.

Your island is also an ideal location for a statement. Bold colors, interesting shapes, or unique counters will make your island feel like an intentional design element.

  1. Colorful Cabinets

Clean white cabinets will also be in style. But if you’re not a fan of neutrals, you’re in luck. Bright cabinets are trending.

A few coats of paint are all that stand between you and a kitchen refresh. Colors like cool mint, dusty blue, and sunshine yellow are popular choices.

Colored cabinets can brighten up your space and show your personality. Both bold and muted colors will make a big impact on your kitchen. Don’t forget to get new hardware that compliments your new shade. 

  1. A Serving Window

If you love to entertain friends and family, this is a must-have for your kitchen. Link your kitchen to your outside party space by adding a large window that opens to the outdoor counter space.

Not only does this make indoor-outdoor entertaining a breeze, but it also bathes your kitchen in natural light. 

A serving window will add extra storage space for all those plates of appetizers. Style it as a bar with stools on the outside for laid back feel. Connecting the indoors and outdoors is a must in an entertainer’s kitchen.

  1. Patterned Backsplashes

Backsplashes have gotten a little boring, don’t you think. Why not have some fun a choose a tile with a bold print or fun color. It’ll add some life to your kitchen.

If you want to keep it neutral, it still doesn’t have to be boring. Try a fresh pattern like a basketweave, herringbone, or diagonal running board. How about different shapes that add a pop?

If you’re adventurous, incorporate both. A bright blue backsplash in a classic herringbone pattern will add a unique interest that makes your kitchen fun.

  1. Add a Little Greenery

Bring your kitchen to life with a little living greenery. Certain houseplants would thrive in a kitchen. You can incorporate them with hanging planters or a small countertop collection.

Humidity loving plants will love your kitchen. They’re bloom in the heat and moisture of pasta night.

Marry your design to your cooking by creating a fresh herb garden. This delicious decoration is stylish, trendy, and functional. If you have a brown thumb, realistic fake plants are a great decoration.

  1. Cozy Nook Space

Set aside a place in your kitchen for a cozy and relaxing space. Add a table for a breakfast nook where you can enjoy Saturday morning pancakes. Or add some comfy chairs where you can sit and read a book while enjoying your morning coffee.

Your nook doesn’t have to be big; utilize the space you have for a cozy nook you want to spend time in.

Your kitchen nook can be set into the space with a bench and table combination. Or it can be a little corner you designate with a set of tables and chairs. Design your ideal nook space with these products.

  1. Kind of Unfinished

You can make unfinished elements look like an intentional design choice. This often gives an industrial or rustic look that’s unique to your space.

If you have interesting textured walls like brick or stucco, don’t put drywall or paint over it. Add a butcher block counter for an unstained look. Or show off the exposed beams in the ceiling for contrast in the design.

Accent an unfinished wall with simple decor. Use the beams in the ceiling to display statement lighting.

  1. A Place for Everything

As beautiful as your kitchen will be, it also has to be functional. Create a designated area in your kitchen for all your necessary items like pots and pans or measuring cups and mixing bowls.

You can stylishly display these on the wall or a hanging rack. If you like the no clutter look, you can make a cabinet that’s easy to access and keeps the items inside organized.

Create a pantry to store and organize food. Use matching containers to display dry goods or snacks.

Model Home Worthy Design

Your kitchen will be beautiful and functional if you use any of these ideas. What’s the first dish you’re cooking after remodeling your kitchen?

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