Phone Number Lookup: Complete Guide


There are times when you can get phone calls from unknown sources frequently. In most cases, these calls come from some sort of brand or company asking you to provide your personal details such as name, address, bank account number, OTP code, and other such information. If you are not sure whether they are legit or not, you can use “phone number lookup” services.

These services and websites will provide you with all the information about their real background and identity using just their phone number. However, there is one complication with all of this and that is the internet is saturated with hundreds of such services. Also, there are very few ways to confirm whether they are delivering authentic information or not. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an authentic phone lookup service that provides real details then you should read this blog. We have mentioned a couple of websites and services that are proven and do work in all situations. 

Reasons to Use Phone Number Lookup Services 

Before we get to the top service that you should use. Let us first understand why we need these kinds of services in the first place. 

With the hype of technology advancements such as the internet and smartphones and them becoming accessible to millions of new users, the number of scams that happening around the world has reached a new high. They have found new ways to rip people off their hard earned money. Not only that, but these criminals have also invented new lies to access people’s personal and financial information. 

One such scam that is very common is done via “IRS phone number”. Scammers and thieves use automated generated phone numbers and pretend to call you from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) demanding you to provide your financial information like bank account number, CVV code, debit or credit card number, OTPs, etc. Once they get hold of them, all the money kept in your bank will vanish. Therefore, it is a must to confirm their identity using phone number lookup services.

Other scammers use “Amazon phone number” as bait to have your personal information. Similar to the IRS number scan they pretend to call from an official service and ask you to provide your personal. In some cases, you will also find that they show themselves as delivery boys and ask you to dial a special number to accept or cancel orders done via your account. 

And once you dial that number, all your call history and messages will be forwarded to that scammers. Hence, you need to be extra careful when facing such scenarios and never back down from using a phone number lookup service to get their real identity. 

Last but not least, the insurance scam. Scammers will call you using the “geico phone number” and ask you to complete the insurance transaction. If you comply with their request then they will take your private data and sell it to the black market. This can especially be dangerous as you can have uninvited guests present at your door. 

Best Phone Number Lookup Service



Truecaller is one of the most popular and reliable services you can find on the internet. It has a very good track record of providing authentic information with positive user reviews. To use the service and find out “who called me from this phone number” simply install the app on your smartphone and create an account. 

Now every time someone calls you, a popup will appear on your screen with their real identity. Besides that, it is completely free to use and you can opt for their premium version which has more features.



CocoFinder is an online website that provides not only the option to look up phone numbers but also get their background information. This website has been in service for years therefore you can use it without having to worry about authenticity. Other than that, it supports both smartphone and computer systems so there is no compatibility issue. 

It also has a “People Finder” feature which lets you search for a personal using their name. This can be helpful in situations where you get the name of the person calling you to see whether they are real or not. If you face any problem when using their service, then you can contact their customer care service. 


As the technology evolves, scammers have found new and innovative ways to rip you off and if you are not careful then you can face a lot of trouble. You need to be extra cautious when you get phone calls from unknown numbers, make sure to use the “phone number lookup” services to see if the caller is authentic or not. To learn more about it, read the blog above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who called me from this phone number?

Whenever you face a situation where you don’t know who is calling you using this number, always choose Phone Number Lookup services to find their true identity.

2. What is my phone number?

There are many ways through which you can find your phone number. One is calling your friend or relative to see your number from their end. Another is using an app provided by your cellular provider to find out your number.

3. Whose phone number is this?

If you encounter an unknown number and don’t have any idea who could be calling you then use phone number lookup services to reveal their identity.

4. How to block a phone number?

You can easily block any phone number using your smartphone settings application. Just look for an option named “blocklist” and add any number using the “plus” or “add” icon.

5. How to recover Gmail password without phone number and recovery email?

A. With the latest update, there is no method to recover your Gmail password without phone number and recovery email. This was implemented just after the addition of two-factor authentication. All you can do is prove that you are the true owner of the Gmail account using their customer service.