Fascinating Facts On Lynn Greenfield: A Woman Of High Repute

Lynn Greenfield

If you have heard the name Lynn Greenfield in recent times we wouldn’t be too surprised. Actually, if you do know about Wolf Blitzer, the famous American journalist, then you might get curious to know about his personal life. It’s because of this very fact that a lot of people have asked in social media to know more about the wife of Wolf Blitzer. 

So, as know, Wolf Blitzer generally doesn’t share much about his personal life with anyone. The legendary American journalist and TV news actor is quite quiet when it comes to sharing personal matters. So that’s why we have found only a very little amount of info about his wife. 

In fact, it’s also true that his wife Lynn Greenfield doesn’t really like all the spotlights and glam. However, if you are still curious to know about the lady of Wolf Blitzer, then we can help you out.

Lynn Greenfield Bio: Her Age, Height, Weight

So, Lynn was born in the year 1950 in the US. therefore, she is currently 71 years old as of 2021. However, there’s no precise date of birth or any birthplace available to provide. Once we get to know more about this we will surely update. 

Lynn Greenfield looks to be of moderate height from her picture. Since she doesn’t really share many details with the public we don’t know the exact figure of her height. In fact, the same thing can apply to her weight or body measurements as well. 

As for her family members, we know that she is the wife of Wolf. In fact, she is the daughter-in-law of David Blitzer, the father of Wolf Blitzer. There’s no information on whether Lynn has any siblings or not. 

Her Ex-Husband

So, did you know that Lynn Greenfield had a husband before she tied knots with Wolf Blitzer? According to the sources she had a marital bond with Joseph Gandelman, who is also famous as the president of Bruce Gendelman insurance services. However, the duo had to put an end to their marriage because of irrecoverable differences in opinion. 

Lynn’s Current Marital Life

Currently, the woman has tied knots with Wolt Blitzer and has been in a marital bond since 1973. Even though she likes to keep a low profile there are several instances where people have spotted the duo. They are really happy because they are like 50 years together. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that they have a daughter whom they named Ilana Blitzer. The 35-year-old daughter has become a beauty director as well. In fact, she has exchanged vows with David Sinder in 2015.

Lynn Greenfield Net Worth

There’s no concrete info about Lynn Greenfield’s career. We only know that she has a passion for gardening. Considering she is one of the popular florists in the town, she has around $500,000 net worth.