Kiara Outer Banks Fan Theory Suggests She Ends Up With JJ

Kiara Outer Banks

Kiara Outer Banks has many admirers in the real world. If you have also watched the earlier episodes of Outer Banks, you will have noticed a growing chemistry between Kiara and JJ. And if you really wanted them to be together, you are not the only one. Several fans from all across the world expressed their desire to see a Kiara and JJ relationship. Though the official lore of the series has Pope fall in love with her and they even share a kiss in the season one finale. 

The Canon Relationship

What can be gathered from that kiss? The inevitable, of course. A relationship is coming up for Kiara and Pope. And do understand one thing about it, there is nothing wrong with this relationship. Pope spent the entirety of the first season developing a crush on Kiara. It was sweet watching him take his own time to admit his feelings. All along the journey people literally screamed at Pope to tell her what he felt for the girl but to no avail. It was understandably tragic how Kiara did not reciprocate his feelings when Pope finally opened up to him. 

But she does have a change of heart in the finale. Moreover, she also kisses him, which means the two of them are headed toward their relationship. The last we see of them, Kiara and Pope are holding hands while in police detention. Needless to say, the cops are investigating them for the mysterious disappearance of John B. and Sarah. Now we know that they fled to the Bahamas looking for the lost treasure, but it is also evident that there is going to be much trouble for the people they left behind. We will pick up that thread in season 2. 

The Relationship Fans Want

The Relationship Fans Want

Here comes the fan theory trotting. What if Pope and Kiara decide they are not made for each other in the bitter end? What if it was always Kiara and JJ all along? Fans are going berserk all over the internet forums and pushing forward piles of evidence to support their theory. The focal point of this theory is the hot tub scene where Kiara embraces an emotionally broken, sobbing JJ tightly. He crawls in there to escape the trauma of his father’s latest outburst. 

Also, at the midsummer party, JJ fights with the Kooks after they make an obscene remark about Kiara. This simply proves there might be something brewing between the two. Now, this is pure speculation at this point so we are waiting to see if anything actually comes of it. Moreover, the interesting part is that even Madelyn Cline, the actress who portrays Kiara in the series, is aware of the fan theories. She said that when Pope and Kiara kiss in the end after Kiara turned him down, it was absolutely gorgeous to watch. But she also finds the fan theories linking her to JJ quite exciting. 

The Relationship Fans Want
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This is quite the fan theory, we admit. Just go to Twitter and check out plenty of fanfiction experts who dish out well-written, or poorly-written depending on where you look, fiction on a Kiara-JJ romance. Moreover, some of these stories are really plausible. We only hope the makers take a look at the popularity of certain relationships with fans and decide to introduce some form of a ship in the series. It will only fan the flames of hype amid the fans of the theory. 


1. What are Kiara Outer Banks outfits?

Kiara is mostly draped in beachy outfits in the series. 

2. Where is the Kiara Outer Banks necklace?

You can buy the beach necklace in online retail stores.

3. Are JJ and Kiara Outer Banks a ship?

Fans of the show definitely want them together. 

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