Why Did Amazon Walmart Target Mega Strike Happen?

Amazon Walmart Target Mega Strike

Recently, Amazon Italy workers went on Amazon Walmart target mega strike to ask for salary increases. They want better working conditions. The main logistics unions of CGIL, UIL, and other minority groups. It includes UGL. They called on the strike. 

The strike lasted from Friday morning to Saturday morning. This covered all the so-called “Black Friday. It was a day of good discounts in which Amazon wants to make a very high amount of deliveries. You will know about amazon Walmart’s target mega strike.

The unions said their purpose is to reach a 50% raise through the strike. Amazon remarked that despite the strike, it will make deliveries regularly. This strike is to bid higher wages and better working conditions. 

Moreover, this is underway at Amazon’s 6 factories in Germany. From this post, you will know why amazon Walmart target mega strikes this month. Without further discussion, let’s start.

The strike in front of the Milan office

Trade unions are also calling for growth in wage conditions. They argue that the company has seen its income grow considerably. It is higher than the time the business started in Italy in 2010. 

Still, employees did not receive benefits from this improvement. According to the publications, they paid average amounts. About 1,450 euros gross per month. The national contract requires a minimum for the logistics sector.

Nevertheless, Amazon claims that wages for its workers are the biggest in the industry. Probably because it includes non-monetary privileges in the calculation. Additionally, the NC collects discounts on the purchase of products. It also has extra life insurance policies, and free internal company training courses.

Why did Amazon Walmart Target do a mega strike?

Amazon hires about 4 thousand people in this period In Italy. There were 1,600 employee contracts. Hundreds of other temporary workers joined them. This was called to improve the workforce during peak periods. 

Unions of all workers in the administration proclaimed the strike. However, it is not obvious how many will join. The trade members admitted that culture is not very broad in the company. Here the workers are mostly inexperienced. A few of them have a union card.

Recently, the newspapers have interviewed several permanent workers. They made sure that they are satisfied with the treatment they are receiving. Surprisingly, the trade unions say that the last meetings were about working conditions. It has been very dominant. The strike was decided back then. It is going to be a long one. The strike took a huge turn. No one really anticipated that.

At the same time, whether these workers are still active or became displaced associates, they must still have access to their work portals, despite they participated in the strike or don’t.

In the case of Walmart, they’ve divided the employees’ portal in WalmartOne and WalmartWire. For those who have a non-working status at this company, you can still check your job information at WalmartOne; here you can learn how to log in.

A strike at the Amazon distribution center 

In brief, the company does not want to know about reducing shifts and workloads. Which in recent days has surely increased. E-commerce is supporting the closure of all commercial actions. They do not sell urgency. Many large-scale retail brands are also banning the purchase of non-essential products. This includes stationery items. This is bad news for sure.

The unions say that there was also a case of contagion among workers. But this did not direct closure. A great many people laboring in the same spaces. Thus, there should be great awareness of safety. But the safety measures have been undesirable in recent weeks. 

Moreover, this matter is a serious issue for the workers. They have worked very hard. Hence, they deserve the raise. However, the clash between the organizations and their laborers is continuing. It is only time that can give us a conclusion. But, we hope the organization listens to its workers. Hopefully, workers will uplift the strike very soon.