Who is Ginny Cha? Explore The Life Of Tiki Barber’s First Wife

Ginny Cha

Ginny Cha is widely known as the first wife of footballer Tiki Barber. Hence millions of people are familiar with her. Personally, Ginny Cha is a media personality and a fashion publicist as well. Thus she is widely capable of multitasking professionally.

Tiki Barber is a renowned footballer. You will surely know him from The New York Giants. He played for about 10 seasons. Hence he has a glorious career to reckon with.

This couple lasted for about a decade. Initially, they were very much in love. It is reflected in the four children they share. However, fate had different plans for them. Eventually, things didn’t work out between them. Thus the couple ended up divorcing each other.

If you are curious about Ginny Cha, this article is the right place for you. We will explore the intriguing life of Ginny Cha. Hence go on perusing if you wish to know more.

Reason for divorce

You might wonder why the couple broke up. After all, if someone is so much in love, why will they not stay together? Well, the answer lies in one of the oldest tricks of humanity. Yes, it is infidelity. 

Reason for divorce

Tiki Barber cheated on Ginny Cha. He even went on dumping her while she was pregnant with twins. Yes, you heard us right. All this happened during her pregnancy. Now naturally, it was a difficult time for her. Hence soon, Ginny Cha went on to file for divorce.

Early romance

Both of them went on to study at the University of Virginia. Hence it was there that the couple first met. Naturally sparks started to fly from then itself. They both met in a computer science class which they had in common.

Ginny Cha

What is her current age?

Ginny Cha was born in 1975 on 7th April. Hence she will now be 48 years old. Thus she has seen the world for a long while. Her parents are Won Cha and Nga Cha.

Mixed heritage

You will be intrigued to know that her heritage is from an Asian background. More specifically her origin is Korean. However, she considers herself thoroughly American. She has a sister as well.

Career background

Ginny Cha has an illustrious career to reckon with. She is a former publicist for Zegna. Thus her abilities are proven as it is a hugely prestigious job. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the firm, it is a luxurious goods powerhouse. Therefore, it has a global appeal at large.

Currently, we do not know whether Ginny Cha is working or not. The divorce left her immensely devastated.

Her relationship with Tiki Barber

Ginny Cha had a glorious relationship with her ex-husband while it lasted. She even had a fascinating bond with his parents. Hence we find her to be close to an ideal couple. But things didn’t work out in this supposed paradise. 

Barber cheated on her. He even dumped her while she was pregnant with his kids. Can you imagine her pain? Thus it is indeed a very tragic story to reckon with. 


  • Is Ginny Cha married?

If we study her social media profile, then it is found that Ginny Cha is married.

  • Who is the husband of Ginny Cha?

Unfortunately, the identity of her current husband isn’t revealed on her social media sites.

  • What is the net worth of Ginny Cha?

She might be owning close to 500000 dollars. However, we have no authentic source to verify this.

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