The Choice to Vaccinate: Canajoharie Elect Supervisor Invites Pro-Choice Residents to Join Political Protest with Crypto Coins.

Choice to Vaccinate
Nurse giving vaccine shot in arm of child, medical concept

Feb 16, 2022, Canajoharie, NY, USA – The latest vaccine mandate has left millions of people perplexed as potential layoffs and unemployment rates rise. Preliminary surveys reveal that at least 44% of the workforce would quit their jobs rather than get a jab (or booster shot). With two-thirds of the American workforce put under the spotlight with these forceful regulations, it becomes necessary for legal pro-choice advocates to start mass anti-vaccine campaigns for civilians who don’t want to get vaccinated.

Town supervisors elect Benny Goldstein, and members of the Fuc”VAX” protest have stepped up to the challenge. The team consists of Lawyers, Rabbis, Sociologists, and other intellectuals who deem vaccination mandates unnecessary. They believe everyone should have the freedom to choose whether or not they want immunization. These regulations violate those rights, compelling unwilling participants to get vaccinated or face layoffs.

Robin Davis, a part-time worker at Liberty Enterprise, recently resigned from her post because of the January 4th mandates. She says, “what goes inside my body is predominantly my choice,” and she strongly opposes vaccines. Davis also points out the blatant discrimination against unvaccinated employees about painful COVID-testing protocols practiced by her employers. Stating that “vaccinated people can still contract the virus and spread it too. Why don’t they get tested weekly?”

Thousands of others will have to quit like Davis because the Democratic government fails to acknowledge the consequences of its regulations.

The invasive regulations don’t stop here. These mandates are gradually infiltrating classrooms, with legislations being filed to make vaccines compulsory for school-going children. Members of the Fuc“VAX” campaign use the recent bill passed by state assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz as an example of these unnecessary regulations. The legislators force parents to get young children (and even babies) vaccinated.

Subsequently, it gives the NY government a right to stop funding educational institutions that do not comply with these policies. If the bill gets approved, families will no longer have the freedom to live, work, or receive education on their terms. It’s a hefty price to pay, considering the shots are still “experimental” and only relevant for “emergency use.”

To prevent the authorities from taking away our rights, the campaign members encourage New York residents and those living beyond state lines to raise their voices against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Goldstein believes that collective efforts to increase awareness of the unfair legislation can prove fruitful.

They are leveraging the power of cryptocurrency to make these protests more impactful. The protest coin is a standard ERC-20 token on the Avalanche Network that requires protestors to purchase these coins as a symbol of opposition against mandated vaccines. These anti-vaccine coins will initiate a nationwide campaign, unlike localized protests and niche anti-vaccine campaigns. Anyone who believes can support it virtually regardless of their zip code.

Fuc”VAX” campaign members will track purchases to collect accurate data on how most Americans oppose the mandate. In this way, these coins are more tangible than petitions and permanent than short-lived social media trends. We will have real data to work with and prove our point.

Proceeds will provide financial support for unvaccinated citizens who get laid off and individuals lobbying against the vaccine.

About Fuc”VAX” campaign

The Fuc”VAX” campaign is led by elected town supervisor, Israeli legal attorney Benny Goldstein, and some community members. Goldstein overlooks the legal side of the protest and supervises the cryptocurrency aspect. He believes that investing in protest coins will be a non-invasive and peaceful way to petition against vaccine mandates.

It’s also accessible across state lines, making it an all-inclusive campaign for pro-choice residents who wish to defy the vaccine regulations.

For media inquiries and further information on the anti-vaccine crypto coin, please visit the site at or feel free to get in touch with Benny Goldstein via email at