Top 12 Stock Market Movies on Amazon Prime

Stock Market Movies on Amazon Prime

Ah, the stock market movies on Amazon Prime. A place of great danger and mystery, excitement and danger. We all love watching such movies by the dozen. Watching the themes of survival, exploration and many more is a great delight. Just watching someone craft a scheme and then follow through with it is exciting. Our hearts are aflutter with horror and anticipation as we trace the downfall of said characters. We bring you this curated list to go through. You will definitely love them a lot. Without further ado, let us delve deep into the world of stock market movies. 

Citizen Kane

Right on the heels of the classic age of Hollywood, Citizen Kane is a treat to behold. Orson Welles did a magnificent job to foster the image of a wonderful business tycoon and rise and fall. Do you like immense backdrops and character tragedies, you will love Citizen Kane for sure. Before he vanishes into thin air, Mister Kane says the word Rosebud and leaves his friends astonished. Dear God, what could he have meant by this? Nobody knows, do they? The mystery thickens, and the audience cannot help but wonder. 

Glengarry Glen Ross

This movie is a masterpiece. Oh! How much we love it for its stark portrayal of characters and beautiful backdrops! Al Pacino was born to be a gangster and we knew he would simply knock it out of the park. As of now it is a cult classic. And why would it not be? Even in the office his gangster like attitude is brought to full bear. A group of sales professionals need to aggressively generate good sales or forever lose their jobs. Truly, all lovers of good cinema love Glengarry Glen Ross to bits. 

The Big Short

The 2008 economic crisis was one of the most horrible and short term crises in the world. I am sure people who lived through that horrible time will agree. There will always be people who try to squeeze an economic crisis for personal gain. Alas! For this is the rule of the world. A group of investors, known as The Big Short, try to make huge money by betting against the housing market and gaining massive sums in return. It is an absolutely marvelous portrayal of human greed and what it does to people. A full understanding of the world will dawn upon your mind.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Here is a brilliant recommendation for you. Leonardo di Caprio can slay every role he gets with incredible ease. This time, he plays the role of Jordan Belfort with pitch perfection. The rogue investment banker with a penchant for blowing up money like there’s no tomorrow, remember him? Yeah, well he is in big trouble for investment fraud in this movie. You will love many of the iconic scenes and have a ton of fun watching it as a whole. Go ahead and watch it, fellows! Amazon Prime is waiting. 

Margin Call

Margin Call is the movie that will get your heart pumping like a maniac. This is the movie for you if you like high stakes investment games. We have some of the best actors in the world on screen, vying for supremacy and locking horns. Once again, the incredible backdrop is that of the 2008 crisis. A banking executive realizes he has discovered a horrible flaw in the model of his bank. Now should he reveal the flaw to the public and cause moral panic? Or simply hide it. The plot thickens and the story progresses. 

American Psycho

This is one of the movies that combines several elements together in a wonderful way. Be careful, for you might get gore on your shoes. This movie has Patrick Bateman, an investment banker who is also secretly a psychopath. His moral compass is just broken and he doesn’t care about who he kills, maims or abuses in the pursuit of power. All that matters to Bateman is the fulfillment of nefarious purpose and pleasure. He also wants to maintain a beautiful physique and performance every day of his life. Watch it to find how a man can descend into the depths of hell. 


Another movie that we would love for you to watch. Arbitrage speaks of a drama thriller unfolding over the course of a few days. We step into the shoes of Robert, a very rich man living in incredible luxury. But alas, things rarely are as they seem to be and Robert is no different. We get to see a very dangerous side of him. After all, great wealth does not always come from ethical means. And then we start on an exploration of the themes of power and struggle. A tremendous, jaw-dropping movie it is. 

Capitalism: A Love Story

Ah, America! The land of capitalism and sweet money, the kind that can often land you in trouble. You would love a glimpse of the lives of ordinary people. Of course, if you are a regular guy living in the streets of New York you might find the Empire State Building imposing. It is a general truth. The documentary explores a lot of what goes on behind closed doors in the halls of power and the homes of decision makers. It might be a lot to contain at once. 


We are here with your daily dose of comedy and light-hearted humor. Let us introduce you to a drug that will make you omniscient. You will become like a demigod when it comes to intelligence. Nobody will be able to come close to you. Alas! But it will also have fatal side effects. You might just start hitting people for no reason. You might jump into a lake of sharks and swim all the way to Newfoundland. And many dangerous people might start hunting you. Sounds fun yet? Check out this movie for more. 


Take a small walk into the realms of imagination. A French company hires a new CEO to run its daily affairs. But the entire thing starts falling apart like a house of cards. How incredible! How absurdly pathetic, you might think. But what is the reason for this? You need to watch the movie to find out. Giving spoilers is something we shall never condone, even on the pain of death! You will love it with the core of your heart. It is a guarantee, my friends! Capital is really gorgeous and contains a lot of plot elements for the brave and willing. 

The Bank

Getting tired of banks? Just hold on a second longer and we will give you another name. Ever seen a mathematical prodigy who could calculate financial collapses? We have, in this very movie. And the thing is, banks won’t love someone who did this. The Board of Directors goes full ballistic on the prodigy and threatens him with dire consequences. But as we know, fortune favors the bold at all times. An exciting, nail-biting race to the finish line ensues after that and we were simply gratified by the ending. Oh awesome! Go ahead and watch it.  

Money Monster

The first word that comes to our mind when we hear the word monster is an ugly, warty maniac. But someone can also be a greedy monster when it comes to money. Thus he becomes a money monster. This movie is incredible and raw in its power. A deliveryman wanders onto the sets of a show and takes everyone there hostage. How horrid! How weird! Imagine the situation of the host of the show. How he must have suffered! You will love the movie a lot. It is made just for you.

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